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    Hy together,

    i am looking for some tweets i can auto post over the day...
    is there a nice list with useful things available?

    Best regards
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    A list of messages?

    Or a way to auto post them?
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    Oct 31, 2011
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    I have been interested in this as well. I have a list of quotes but I think that probably looks strange if the accounts are always saying quotes... If you find a list of just random tweets please share

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  4. ashley777

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    yes a list of useful messages, not some stupid quotes etc
  5. TZ2011

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    Jun 26, 2011
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    Depend on niche, you can scrap them with tweetattacks, or use program "Ultimate Comment Scraper", he is finding messages from twitter, blogs, youtube, yahoo answers... You have to edit messages to be suitable for your niche, to remove links etc, but is original content.
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    Jun 26, 2011
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    example for keywords ipad, iphone. Need editing obviously, but doing a great job.

    Get 20% Xmas Coupons-Rip Blu-ray to iTunes for iPad,iPhone 4,iPod and Apple TV: Get 20% Xmas Coupons
    Remember Ramblers: TOMORROW is the last day to renew and be entered to win an iPAD 2! Keep Calm & Ramble On!
    Stupid iPad, give me back my Email, please ;_;'''
    live from the iPad
    Is theTwitter iPad app really slow?
    RadioU just got an iPad 2 for Christmas and the first app I downloaded was the radiou app. Gotta hav video to ipad
    25 dollars away from the iPad!!!
    got my ipad yesterday
    If I don't get this iPod touch or ipad 2 for Christmas imma cry myself to sleep:(I6CyoK
    Who has imessenger for the ipad ??
    Playing family fued with Brookie on her iPad. Lol it's so much fun.
    I need a new iPad case nd and phone case.!
    Ipad iPod iPhone fuck it they all suck on auto correct!
    She was on her IPAD trying to DRIVE .. I wanted to smack all living shit outta her !!!!
    Why is my iPad taking so long to charge? 
    JetSetter_Lexii shuttt it! You'll be having the same problems when you get your iPad! ipad 3g plans
    It's pretty sad when I walk into a pharmacy and everyone is on a phone, iPad, or Kindle.
    Some trans just don't match up with others, plus the time zone and blah blah.... We'll win more game 3g for ipad
    My mama she need her own stuff cause she always trynna play games on my iPad like wtf get your own stuff
    Tweeting via my iPad
    Latest unfounded rumor says iPad 3 battery life will double. Which only sounds silly because the iPa
    Is it possible to take videos off of an IPAD and IPOd Touch and put them on a PC? New to the Apple products and already having space issues.
    Twitter looks pretty cool on a iPad, all the emoticons
    If this grindr hook up doesn't buy me an iPad tonight, I don't think we can do this long term.
    my dad sees me on my iPad & goes, what's up in the twitter world, nothing going on in the ariana army tonight? haha, ilh♥
    Got me a Iphone today...now I'm tryna decide do I wna get a Ipad or a kindle or sumthn cheap...I think imma keep my droid to tho
    WWERollins Great match in Detroit tonight!! So glad you were there and can't wait to see you again! ipad firmware
    iPad low --'
    Take your fingers off my ipad....why you looking at me mad for?
    Just following a load of people because this iPad is the best thing to perv with. I can keep my eye on so many things at once xoxo
    Go away egg, I don't want your "ipad" cause you are a dirty liar.
    RUNWAYBANDiT y no to an ipad amber lolGJYSvm
    Taking weird pictures on my ipad with my brother.
    Question: what is the best/preferred e-reader for graphic novels? Nook? Kindle? iPad? I'd love info & opinions
    My aunty jus told me she gone buy me an iPad anybody want my tablet probably give it to my wife or my moms or jade if they dnt want 4 sell
    So. It looks like hubby either needs a new laptop, or is getting an iPad.
    Watching 2 grand parents sit across from me trying to figure out how to turn on their new iPad breaks my heart in some geeky way.
    10 year olds have a Blackberry, an iPad, a laptop, and a Facebook? When I was 10, I felt cool with my new markers.
    Twitter on my iPad yeah man
    Love, love, love my new iPad! Haven't quite figured out the purpose besides entertainment yet for th
    iPad is being so slow, if it wasn't so expensive I would of thrown it out the window by now
    Want a iPad :(
    Kinda wish my iPad had Siri tho...
    Ofc my ipad wud wana giv trouble...still love her tho :$
    Now that I got this iPad in my life... It's easy for me to tweet and text :) Winning
    In the kitchen with a heniken and my ipad.. A man could get used to this
    I swear paddy spends more time on my iPad than I do
    Tiny Tower is the most addicting iPad game ever. It's like the Sims without all that stupid responsi
    My brother has left his iPad beside him...and he's asleep. The game is on.
    Today is the 6th day of Christmas. Your present for today? Nope, no iPad or Kindle Fire, you get 6 geese-a-laying!
    Tweeting from da IPad....I don't like it
    My mom bought me dis decent ass laptop y couldn't buy dat iPad then
    im that determined to get an ipad im saving :|
    I can get some of my textbooks at a decent price for my iPad but I am hesitant not having a physical book. Any opinions or experiences?
    iPad is amazing! How did I ever live without one!!
    omg my sister sounds tone deaf with these headphones on playing this karaoke game on the ipad
    HOLY FUCK I DID IT!!! I CONVERTED A DVD INTO MP4 AND GOT IT ON MY IPAD YIPPPIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    <----- Addicted to my IPad
    I really need a keyboard for my iPad. I can't type on that shit to save my life...
    Man the sims the best video/nintento/playstation/computer/iphone/ipad game created!!!
    My iPad keeps me company. Hmm.
    So what i dont have beats So What i dont own A pair of Jordans So what i dont have an ipad Thoose things dont make a person or Help u !
    Lol, post work out pics are impossible with an iPad
    New Ipad Someing Out!
    9 year olds have a Blackberry, an iPad, a laptop, & a Facebook... When I was 9, I felt cool with my new markers.
    My iPad 9ar y3lg kther
    Playing with new iPad. Photo apps are amazing!
    I don't use iPad to read, i use Books. I keep it real, motherfuckers.
    I get days when I like my iPad then days when I dislike it, today I seem to like it :)
    Ha ha I just got a ipad 4 Xmas yay thanx booFhosv
    Do I get an iPad with wifi or 3G. Need responses before tomorrow please, as I will be visiting the orange shop on the morning.
    I received an ipad for Christmas, not sure what to do with it yet but the old fella will give it a go! Look out!
    Damn I should of brought my Ipad with me.
    Why is twitter showing me old tweets? ok im gonna go on my ipad
    All i Kno is momz betta get my Ipad nxt Month
    I was thirsty for this iPad app 
    attention eggs: i dont want an ipad, or a mcdonalds gift, or a grill, or to enter a sweepstakes, or to follow anyone. hop outta my mentions
    Just realised, the iPad has a weird split feature for the keyboard!
    I wish I brought my iPad......... Oh well... Sleep time
    Love the TED iPad app :)
    4 Oct 2011 - Another example of astounding iPad innovations is
    India's margin of defeat = Ponting's no. of runs in the match. The legend marches on. AusvInd ipad design
    Completely unrelated... Using the iPad so much that on this MBA I've nearly touched the "Tweet" button three times.. It's not a touchscreen.
    In the process of getting my iPad :D
    My husband hid my iPod today...the iPad is just not as convent to carry around the house.
    This child has a brand new iPad. He's gotta be like 9. When I was 9 my technology was limited to borrowing my brothers gameboy.
    no ipad, no BB, no laptop = extremely lonely ebs
    lmao, fr though.. i just saw this girl with a pic like that! i know she was tryna show off the fact that she had an ipad but nobody gaf lmao
    Does it say ''via iPad or via Web''
    I wish this here iPad vibrated... That would be everything... Now I wonder if the iPad 3 will have vibrator? *shrugs*
    my ipad SLOW over here;;
    They are releasing a new iPad next month...........................................great : /
    I wonder if Santa is going to magically leave an Ipad or a Wii under the Christmas tree for me? No? vdu5p
    If I ask about your kid, it's ok to show me 1 pic. It is NOT okay to thrust your ipad at me and force me to look at a 100 pic gallery!
    My ipad died right when I need it...damnit!!
    My ipad is missing :(
    I thought about starting a journal on my iPad but I have so many journals that I need to fill up.
    OMW Out The Door With My Laptop , Ipad , && Kindle So I Wont Have To Hear Any Excuses On Why This Or That Happened ; -HMU :) ♥ ;
    Its harder to play Temple Run w/ the iPad. Smh
    U wit that lol ????RT YourSizeKeta: lmao "Miss_FIJI: Black fakin, but he ain't emm get his iPad from
    My iPAD has hurt my feelings for tha night . # soo upset .
    "PrettyTeey: I want to go buy an iPad tomorrow but I'm so cheap, lol, I can't see myself handing ove
    The iPad is an awesome tool! apple
    Nothing's forever, you can't spend your money in heaven and your ipad won't cry at your funeral, so LIVE IT UP while you can, hell to the ye
    Just noticed a pretty gnarly gash on my iPad...and it was caused by a defect in my Smart Cover. Orde
    Haha left my ipad on charge and it just got a notification and lit up my full room:L
    Brenthaven Eclipse Sleeve for iPad and Netbook, Jet Black (2162101) error: either unsupported url or the url is not valid...
    My boyfriend is like my iPad. I don't have an iPad...
    Apple rumored to double the capacity of the next iPad's battery? 20 hours of battery life would be i
    Updatin ya iPad, iPhone, iTouch from diFferent computers is a blow! Shit always getting deleted! Smh I'm vexed
    Anglia Ruskin have the iPad on the aspire. God only knows why!
    Addicted to that Wordswithfriends game on my iPad!!
    Dropped my iPad on my face, didn't feel good.
    Well our bonfire was so fun and nature filled until dad decides to bring his iPad out... Now I'm on twitter.
    idk why but i really want an ipad.
    My mom bout to buy a ipad soon for no reason...and she has a macbook...WHY SHE NEED IT?!??!
    Temple Run iPad will be the death of me ... Jeezus
    Evening with iPad
    iPad shits on laptops
    bed time. cell and ipad are and have been off, gonna stay off til i decide to turn them on tomorrow.
    But fuck Facebook on the iPad
    My iPad has been charging all night and its only on 43%?
    Why does my iPad take a billion hours to charge?!
    They should make and iMat which is like 5 times the size of an iPad
    I like my new suede iPad slipcover thing. Makes me feel like less of a conspicuous douchebag when I use it in public. :)
    So many iPad billboards.
    I bring out Superfreakonomics when my iPad's out of juice, and vice versa.
    Thanks! Glad you like the new issue. :) // RT matthewbarkley The RELEVANT iPad issues are incredible
    I love the sound my nails make when I type on the iPad :$
    I wanna use an iPad right now
    i'm still confused as to why my 7 year old cousin got an ipad for christmas, lol.
    > iShoppingdeals - (2 Packs) Anti Glare Matte Screen Protector Film Guard + Smart Headphone Wrap/Key Chain for Apple iPad 2 2nd Generation
    Ashley20Marie shut up give him my number! I went to walmart and drooled over my non existent iPad !
    My ipad has become the twitter timeline only pad. At least I'm engaging even if on a $700 twitter app.
    My uncle bought an iPad today, my grandads now started a trend in the family hahaha
    I wish spammers would quit following me. As much as I would love a iPad, A new laptop or a million d
    Stupid iPad won't let me watch Becoming Jane for more than a couple of seconds without the screen going black.
    Today, 9 year olds have a Blackberry, an iPad, a laptop, & a Facebook... When I was 9, I felt cool with my new markers.
    I'm very satisfied with this year's Christmas gifts. Among other things, a future IPad is now financed! :)
    Damn been up for hours playing this damn BoxOfSox on my mom's Ipad..yeahh it might be time for bed l
    iPad 3 better have an SD/MicroSD card expansion slot or I ain't buying it.
    About to be in the shower && head to bed bath && beyond to by me some iPad speakers for my room
    My lil brother is getting an iPad for (3 kings day)
    Does Anyone Have IMessage And Facetime On Their iPod/iPad/iPhone/And Other Chizz?
    Okay so I nearly droped my iPad down the stairs! *HEARTSTOPPED*
    lonniehatea I don't give a shit! about the fuckin ipad giveaway crap. I don't need one, go scam gcra
    temple run on the iPad>>>>
    If you have an iPad and are a Bulls fan, DL The Bulletin!!!!
    Thankful my fish ancestors crawled out of the ocean eons ago and evolved digits so that I could tap my iPad today. Very far-seeing of them.
    Ok having to upload photos from iPad to Facebook 1 by 1 just can't be right. What am I missing?
    Finally bought a TV. Next on my list, an iPad lol
    RealKidPoker i have both lol ipad used more at home as a laptop
    I'm so high I really jus almost broke my ipad smmfh
    Mom uses my iPad to play bejeweled. ??
    Check out Deadlock:Online for iPhone and iPad on the app store! Enter the code: 4E30A6F021824 and yoW82
    Well time to get off this IPad and hit the bed good night to my twiffey KrissThe_THUG ;)
    So my ipad just said fuck twitter and robot chicken just went off so guess its the perfect time to g
    Daughter-iPod, .SON- iPhone, .MOM- iPad, .DAD- iPay.. ...!
    Check out Deadlock:Online for iPhone and iPad on the app store! Enter the code: 4E30A6F021824 and yoJWI
    Thinks that my new IPad is pretty sweet!
    I'm thinking of 'buying' a netbook on aspire and selling it for the cash to buy an iPad. Good idea?
    I'm on this iPad it's pretty dope!
    I'm loving this IPad!!!!
    NME radio is awesome tonight!! This sound hound app on the iPad is coming in handy to find out the song names!
    First version of iLoveTv for iPhone/iPad will be sent to Apple really soon. Stay tuned!
    I got an iPad 2 and Kindle Touch for Christmas. Out of the two, I prefer my Kindle.
    These random ppl keep sending mii these iPad and iPhone crap bitch I don't kno u
    God_Chose_Me32 I'm in there iPad/iPod. When Cspire start makin iPhones that work I'll get one
    Def spilled some coquito on the iPad....tipsy shit
    My iPad never loses battery life lol
    Messages don't wanna send from this iPad. Aiiittteeeee
    Having to take my ipad on the bus tmoro as Ipod is no battery :( lameee
    HOW did my iPad just fall off a flat surface on its own???? Freaked
    Melissa is always on facebook 24/7 on my ipad , D: wtf -__-
    iPad 2 for 325$ worth it
    My phone feels pathetic compared to my iPad
    Watching Roll Bounce "When You Comb Your Hair It Sound Like You Eating A Apple" They Crackn Jokes On ipad 3g
    kylejewell the only bonus with the iPad 2 is that you can print, but you only have notepad. So you c
    On Twitter from my iPad lol ^_^
    I take mirror pics with a fatass iPad 2.
    Finally got a case for my .iPad :)
    , I have to get me an ipad 2
    ‎10 year olds have a Blckberry, an iPad, a laptop, and a Facebook? When I was 10, I felt cool with my new markers.
    My iPad has been acting reall stank these past few days
    Currently stranded in Modesto, but at least I get to use an iPad!
    how do you sign out of twitter on an IPad?! I'm so confuuuused
    I used to be shy to use my iPad in public; felt like a king wielding his magic sword over the peasants. Now: shy because it's not an iPad 2.
    Lemur multitouch music controller iPad app finally a reality
    At bestbuy being a bum and using their iPad....lol this is fun
    What is up with the spam I keep getting? No, I do not want a Ikea gift card, free gas, enlargement pills, or a fake free iPad. Stop it!
    Looking forward to Caden opening his Leappad christmas day. I'll finally get my iPad back . Have youcvAX
    Watched netflix while on the toilet with my iPad.... Ahhhh America. Don't judge
    Taco Bell, nachos bell grande with fruitista. Later....after I'm full, one more fucked up night it will be at home with me my iPad & twittr
    LOOL my mom does that all the time RT MBsCocoaGoddess: AfricanKidProblems " A as in Apple...N as in ipad bags
    Tweet iPad/iPhone and a bunch of people tweet me technological/giveaway crap.. -__-
    On Craig's iPad:)
    Why would I want to win an ipad, when I've got one? Stupid fucks
    hate when people tweet me about gift cards and iPad competitions ,just as annoying as the rose begging romainians
    Nothing like tweeting on the iPad while taking poop lol:)
    My Relationship Status Is LIke My iPad .. I Don't Have A iPad Tho o_O
    Busy day today, after getting my nails done we forgot our iPad on the car and it dropped when we were driving. we got a new ipad for free
    "@Live_4Fashion: Temple run on the iPad is so much more intense" but just as hard! lol
    Two year old and four year old iPad users...That's fine - maybe I'm just jealous?
    On my iPad board :L
    let's be forreal.. you look retarded taking a pic in the mirror with a big ass ipad -_____-
    Temple run is so different on the iPad.
    Finally added my entire U2 library to my iPad. Now it's truly my iPad!
    Thank you apple for suggesting how I should capitalise MacBook, iPod and iPad =/
    iPhone, iPad ring in 13 percent of all online purchases on Christmas
    Tweeting from the iPad!!!!
    Officially using my iPad as a secondary monitor. Geeking out! fb
    Not with my mom getting herself dope new Marc Jacobs iPad covers though
    Everybody should have a iPad, it's just too chill
    Great think I just broke the ipad
    This iPad always messin up my tweets
    Temple run on the iPad is so much more intense
    I played with my sister's Kindle Fire a few days ago; gave me second thoughts about my iPad...
    This Netflix app for iPad is the worst!!! & I'm crazy bored in here
    I wish that I could hook my phone up to my iPad so I can get my pics and games from there
    iPad on 40% ain't charge it today watched two movies and tweeting , my kind of battery lls
    Ah iPad is d action
    Fed up with all the fucking spammers that are on twitter now, constantly sending me offers to win an iPhone or iPad
    I wonder what would happen if an IPhone, IPod or an IPad got a virus o_O
    New ipad
    Thinking about selling books to buy an ipad.
    iPad is a big deal after all!
    Does someone have an iPhone, iPod or iPad? .So we can talk from iMensaje
    I love dead space, Batman arkham city, chaos and order,for my iPad ;)
    iCephas Girl stop. You know you're one of my fav Apple users. Happy Birthday son. ipad ii
    It's taken me 12 hrs to realise that I hate my iPad. Won't work at work. Won't work at home. Won't connect to laptop *cries*
    I got the issues? Wait, I'm sorry I'm not the one who watches porn on my iPad while taking care of m
    All u IPAD 1users what type of screen protector do u all use? I bought one and effed it up
    All this damn Wiz Khalifa on my ipad gotta go , I only fuck w/ a few songs by him !!!!
    1st Priority: job. 2nd: fix my car/get another one. 3rd: pay on loans. I also really want a new notebook/tablet pc. Not an iPad.
    I finally got around to putting music on this ipad
    dont want an ipad anymore, it would be smashed within the 1st day of having it..
    Echofon for iPad sucks! Back to the official app for now...
    Since I got home from FL with my new iPad in tow I've barely opened my laptop. Feels weird, but in a good way.
    Anyone interested in a $350 iPad 32GB? Only two weeks old! :)
    Beats o iPad? :S
    dae'dae being ignorant in the library ...cryin bout his ipad !
    The background of my iPad is Harry_Styles' naked ass. sorrynotsorry
    said to The Wife last night: "Feel free to throw this back in my face in a few months, but I can't imagine what the iPad 3 will add."
    DO YOU WANTT TO WINN A FREE IPPPAAAAAAADDDDDD?!?!! .Too bad I already have and iPad bitch.
    i have an ipad but is the blackberry tab any good? how do you get apps? anyone? are they any good? might get one
    I'm on an iPad and now I can see the empty boxes!
    I don't have my BB charger, I don't know where my Ipad is! I'm technologically disabled ughghhhh !!
    Movie marathon, iPad for blogging, warm blankets...#1000gifts
    I'm going to have an iPad overload lol
    Experiencing my 1st control issue with Apple. Apparently they block bluetooth GPS receivers on iPad.
    Damn ipad fucking up my tweets
    "@kathleenogrady: Dear lord: My father (who got an iPad for Christmas) just TEXTED me. Maybe the Mayans were right." good one!
    I think it is really Stupid the iPad can't charge when connected to the computer. -____-
    Luccy sounds like the shyt RT DirtySpritee: iPad Porn>>>>
    En die mentions over ipad give away's , fuck youuuuu
    I want an ipad 2 && i'll get it!
    Seriously infatuated with the twitter app on the iPad. It's so. . .convenient? I never have to leave it to see links!
    Had an awesome shit; got to use kims .Ipad instead if my iphone. Good fun
    Twitter via IPad em kk
    if u fucking with ipad 2 u dare not with ipad 3!! ‎​L̳̿Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇L̳̿... If u do d same to win 7 u dare not to windows 8.....
    Despite the awful frapes last night, I've gave my brother my ipad with everything signed in, dopey me
    I cant believe my bro Took mi iPad # Bullshit
    Got voxer on my iPad wassup!
    I have huge issues with user interfaces fail. Like the browser on my iPad 2 that always crashes, or
    Ow I'm sitting on my iPad indianhillprobz
    Just sold my iPad
    My iPad keeps spell checking me....ugh
    MI4 was fun, but where were the twists? Where was the scary villain? And how much did Apple pay to have an iPad save the day?
    And so there I was learning a new hobby, playing virtuso piano on my iPad... .Hopefully,complete a song play for you...
    I need to getboff this iPad , and go get in the shower...but I'm being lazy.
    Playing with my new toy, a shiny new iPad! Got sucked right in...
    I've got money saved up and I can't decide what to buy with it. Any help? iPhone or iPad? Laptop? Ice-cream?
    Must admit to being overwhelmed by my new iPad
    Is currently on the iPad going HAMM SANDWICH on Voxer! Lol
    My mom is WAYYYYYYY to hype on her iPad
    Stfu witcha free ipad giveawy!
    WhiteKidProblems Choosing between a Ipad or MacBook.
    DuchessofFork that was me, Tyler was logged into his twitter on the iPad... Oops!
    Currently on twitter on my new iPad! (mums iPad)
    since I got my iPad my phone doesn't die as much thatsaplus
    lol, my laptop is so fcked. thank goodness for my ipad.
    In the car on the iPad
    omg sally's iPad hours my eyes
    My mother probably gon hate that she got me a laptop up later than usual . Next a IPAD I gotta have
    My mom just called the iPad a cell phone pad smh
    Sigh. I have a grievance with every single RSS/News reader available on mobile platforms - including Flipboard on my iPad. Grrr.
    I need to get this girl her own iPad, she does not like to share!! But she's only two tho Smh...
    janasqueeze Don't worry. I don't have a playbook or an iPad. You're not alone.
    This iPad isn't working. *commits suicide*
    xychros very few, 6 i think? Started yesterday. AND YES I HAVE AN IPAD, i share it with family thoug
    On my friends iPad .....so cool!!! Plus cran and Malibu on deck aaaayyyeeee!!!! Loo
    Real text from my mom: "Will you play ipad with me?"
    New jacket from warehouse, New dress from miss Selfridge and a iPad 2 coming on the 2nd = one happy me
    I know they tried to lie to you and say it was a good thing, but running iPhone apps on your iPad is stupid as hell. Always.
    IPad giveaway omg yay!
    colorcoated10 I got Mr an iPad he loves it
    my mum barely knows how to work safari and her iphone and my dad lets her get a ipad
    iPad 2 you'll be mine by March
    My iPad jus died-_- and I have 5% on my iPhone . I'm gettin in th
    first tweet from the iPad :)
    On my iPad I like shit tone bright cause it's all clear and pretty. Now on the other hand my shit phone can be dim and sad!:)
    Ive had my first iPad for almost 2 years and not a single scratch on it, and she cracks hers on day 2! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mailtoshub yes my bk will be on iPad, Nook and Kindle (all versions) . Still writing. It's a lot to
    DezzyMitchell lmao samething i got...smh...needs some books,not no ipad
    I need to get IPad or MacBook ASAP that's a must before I move to another place
    Dear spambots: I dont even want an iPad thanks
    its been like 2 months since I used my Ipad
    I hate it when you get a tweet from someone and all it is, is someone getting hacked wanting you to get a free ipad or a laptop.
    This ipad is difficult
    I want the ipad 2
    First tweet from the iPad.
    my ipad just randomly dies yesterday, depression... -_-
    "@Chester_McNasty: Muthafuckahs Taking Mirror Pics With That Fat Ass iPad 2....GOTTA GO!" Lmaoo omgeee I hate that shit
    2 hours later and I'm still trying to update my iPad. -_- I kinda hate technology.
    ILikedYouUntil u startd ballin out an tweet frm yo new ipad !!
    I want a Kindle to read on! My iPad is too big!
    U kno my dad too old for a Ipad all this nigga do is play scrabble
    Finding Mensch argere Dich nicht on iPad might just make me a believer
    Writing essays on my iPad is so much more fun than on the computer. No joke :)
    Clearly the idea of a projector was a brilliant moment. given I now have an iPad and a waterproof case for it. Can't not do it now though
    Please eggs if I'd have wanted an IPad I would have bought one!
    "@Chester_McNasty Muthafuckahs Taking Mirror Pics With That Fat Ass iPad 2....GOTTA GO!"
    Give love this new year. And a new iPad ; )
    My new iPad <3 is love !
    I'm playing temple run on my phone and the iPad right now, fucking multitasker
    I'm still rolling weed on my ipad
    Muthafuckahs Taking Mirror Pics With That Fat Ass iPad 2....GOTTA GO!
    Wondering if creating electronic ways of ministering to students is justification for buying an iPad
    today I tweeted on SamHoole2 's iPad 2.... feeling legit
    Want to play temple run but the ipad is at the other side of my room! Cba moving
    abbymartin1996 has unlocked the achievement "Amateur" in Real Racing 2 for iPhone and iPod touch!
    Got my iPhone yayyyyyy
    I hope my iPhone comes tomorrow! I'll be so fucking happy.
    I'm in love with my iPhone.
    Anyone want to buy me a new iPhone case ?
    How tf you put ringtones on an iPhone?
    does havin an iPhone make you rich or crispy? and if you dont got one does that make you a bum? im confused
    Desktop tweeters and non iPhone users be looking at those lil squares on their TL like ---> .
    Two iPhone or not? Lol
    I find it somehow telling that my iPhone is ten times the computing device that my father-in-law's Acer piece of junk netbook is.
    iPhone battery life <<<<< smh.
    [] [] [] [] [] <----my fake iphone emojis lmfao
    Been eating nothing but shit all day writing up my supplements stressing out and I have to wait until tmmrw to use my iPhone 4 but at least
    Someone wanna buy me the iphone who has an upgrade and I'll pay them back? :)
    I feel like there is an app for everything. I just sent out thank you cards from my iPhone. I am a geek.
    I need a good app on my iPhone to entertain me
    I basically have an iphone now, house phone to talk and then do whatever on my cell phone
    For those wondering why my tweets are not as frequent as they use to be. I forgot my iphone in a taxi...... :(
    I'm currently listening to 01 - Los 2 Terrenos Prohibidos by Arley Perez on my iPhone.
    loving twitter on my iPhone!
    ezoerhof did you get what i thought you got?!! iphone imissyou
    I want the iphone 4s bc of the Santa Clause commercial .
    Me and Kane might be parting soon, I can't find anyone to change the carrier on my iPhone from Verizon
    no more bbm. back to the beloved iphone
    I got a tamagotchi on my iPhone :D wohoooo if you don't know what that is, it means you're too young :p
    It Should Be A Rule...No IPhone Emojis Allowed On Twitter...Lol
    On Twitter with my IPhone :) <3
    Just about to give up my iPhone and switch to new windows phone. Hope I can keep all my contacts...
    My phone is wayyy better than iphone
    I don't like the updated version of Twitter on the iPhone.
    Lmao TRUUU RT RealLilMarvin: WhiteKidProblems Wheres my iPhone?!? BlackKidProblems How do I unlock t
    My mom just joined team iPhone. . [email protected]_Nichole2 we have to get her in the club
    forget this iphone
    iPhone battery, Y U NO hold a charge ?!?!? Y_U_NOOO
    Goodbye iPhone headphones hello beats by dre wireless
    What kind u got?? RT _TeejLAweeJ: new iphone on the way.
    laura's seeing about a white iphone, is she trying to kill me
    which one should i get white or black iphone 4s
    I can't wait to get my iPhone back!
    Currently tweeting via my iPhone! Yes, I have a boner.
    I have 544 songs in my iPhone and I don't even listen to 100 songs shit taking space
    why are all my txts comin right now? fuck this iphone
    The N and J shouldn't be so close because my new year texts are lookin like Jew year and iPhone does nothing but capitalize for me
    Who iPhone Justin on?! Lmao
    goldigold Hahaha! Now you can use it to go back in time and retweet everything from your new iPhone!
    sending an iPhone user a sketchy group text is the easiest way to get caught out
    Really reeeeally want the new iPhone iOs!! ❤❤❤
    Tech to watch for in 2012? Will there really be a iPhone 5? I also see an big emergence of ultraportable laptops to compete with the MacAir.
    If you have any doubt about how addictive screens are, watch kids fight over watching the blue dot move on the iphone google map app
    "@_EmilytheGreat: I NEED A NEW FUCKING IPHONE CASE."
    Bb of iphone?
    Me and my mom getting the iphone 5 :)
    I told my dad I wanted an iPhone case with drake on it. I hope he buys it
    Wants to see if the twitter for blackberry is as good as the iphone...:)
    Ohhhh eeemmmmm geeeeee just got surprised with an IPhone 4 with a hello kitty case and a new juicy culture leash! Ahhhhhhh
    I just want an iPhone
    ivynguon hahahah youd never beat me. you're lucky i dont have an iphone. and for the record, you sho
    Buy me a iPhone 4 so ikno its real...
    Without a my iphone this has been LOOOOOONNGGG day
    Crashed my iPhone.. hit me up on twitter till further notice...
    got an iphone! what apps shall i get?
    me & amby are about to be team iphone :)
    Does anyone know of any good quality screen protectors for the iPhone 4?
    "@StackzLDN: You iphone lot n ur fucking temple run kmt pissing me off. I wanna play it" • loool
    SaraaaRubyyy but if you really want one, wait till iPhone 5 release cuz 4s is terrible
    People are playing out the iPhone..
    Extreme Sports Exercise Stretchy Black Armband with 8 Secure Adjustable Sizes from 11 inches up to 19 for Apple iPhone 4 , 4th Generation, 4
    These iPhone batteries die way too fuckin fast sick of charging this bitch
    Does anyone have an extra iPhone charger?
    I Want An IPhone Really Badly. Just Because Of All The Cases lol
    3 in 1 Charger Kit, Home/Wall/Travel Charger, Car Charger, Retractable USB kit for Apple iPod iTouch iPhone Touch Video Nano Mini Classic ht
    Fuckin with this new iPhone HEAVY
    Man the facebook app on the iPhone be on some bs thing always freezes up
    where's my iPhone case at?!
    I was tweeting nd my mama cut my damn phone off lol three days nd my iphone will be here she could of waited till monday damn
    iPhone chargers <<ridiculously short
    Tweeting from that iPhone
    You can tell when someone has an iphone because when they say "msg" it comes out as "MSG" and just looks weird.
    I need one of those charger cases for the iPhone
    Reeaallyy wants an iPhone 4s. .
    Just cracked my iPhone screen...suhweeeet
    everyone has an iphone or is getting one :x
    Dude left his Iphone 4s on the counter and left the store. I proceeded to chase dude down and give him his phone..
    Fuck BlackBerrys, im getting an iPhone 4S
    Can't decide wether I want a blackberry or an iPhone...hhhmmm?? This one is a toughy
    I'm still deciding tho iphone or evo lol I'm scared imma break it
    iPhone screen smashed at the top! 30 to repair :-(
    steph_benji ily, when am i getting the iphone? *sweet voice* ctfuSQcfih
    if I could take a screen shot of my cracked screen, iPhone users would break down in tears8JZ
    hopefully getting iPhone tomorrow.....BOOM !
    Tweeting from my brand new iPhone 4!
    Bout save up and buy my iPhone myself
    I missed this iPhone
    I don't think it's normal for an iPhone to electrocute your face when you're on the phone :/
    How do I get my new iPhone to do this7zaP
    marco339 I have a Verizon iPhone 4s that is internationally unlocked will work on any sim carrier o
    cant believe i dropped my iphone in a bucket of water -____-
    AT&T put the iPhone 4 at the back with the "basic" phones...so you're basic if you have an iPhone 4 lmao
    My cheap ass is bout to bite the bullet and upgrade this 3G iPhone. ATT here I come.
    When people text me with Iphone squares its just a little bit emotional.
    Temple run on iPhone is so addicting! cantputitdown
    iPhone_Wiz I tried but I was trying to downgrade firmware with tiny umbrella and it mess up my iphon
    My phone is terrible, but it still beats that stupid iPhone thing
    I Gotta Get The Screen on my old Iphone fix So I Can Give It To That Abused Woman Charity
    "@i_SapphireGreen: Okay, my charger ain't working. somebody come bring me an EVO charger. For real though. I'm at work."...Get a iPhone
    going to bako to get my new iPhone!
    This might sound wrong but I like a iPhone naked
    fuck i thought i'd get the iphone 4s tomorrow D:
    The iPhone needs widgets
    Don't Buy Dee iPhone Her Shit Fucked lls
    To make my reading resolution easier, do I get a kindle or do I just stick with the app on my iPhone?? Thoughts, Twitter? Any book recs?
    I really want an iPhone !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The 3G no longer works ok my iPhone. Highly upset. But I think ima get this 4S pretty soon.
    Trying to figure this iPhone out tho
    looks like i will have to give this iphone opportunity another miss:( *sigh*
    i'm camping out when that iPhone 5 drop ! BlackKidProblems
    so do I prefer the iPhone over the Evo, yes can't ever imagine wanting to go back
    "@Quillmatic The only good thing that's white for me is my IPhone"
    1 week wait for my iphone cause they r not in stock.. R YOU KIDDING ME!!
    hopefully my iPhone comes in the mail before i leave.
    iPhone is the best phone ever!
    CoryJett1507 * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    i want to get the iPhone but people are telling me to wait till the 5
    My iPhone won't let me download podcasts! WTF really??
    finally replaced my iPhone today. man, iCloud is a blessing. lol
    RFT!!!!!!!!!!"absolute_Liy: eff yall , ima GET MY IPHONE !!!!! :("
    Yo this iphone dies too quickly wtf !! ????????
    prettyBIZZARE *walks away with Concords on while face timing on iphone*
    I don't understand why people with an iPhone haven't updated to iOS 5 yet. just do it!
    dear Boost Mobile seller, do you see my iPhone motherfucker?
    Ahh I can't wait to get my iPhone. I'm going to put It under my non existent Xmas tree w a tag 'fromLEFvqo
    Got a new phone, not an iphone though. Sony Ericsson Arc. Next best thing
    My brother has an iTouch. Even though I have an iPhone, I'm kind of jealous. Haha.
    i need an iphone
    "@AntiOdeism: Loool everyones bitching about iphone autocorrect. Haha."<<<
    Who has an iPhone?? Need help!
    Dies hella fast too ! RT _AlexBabyXO: iPhone charges hella fast!
    RealKidPoker yea right, ur just trying to be an elitist. iPhone rocks.
    Iphone 4s cases are shit to be fair. The best cases were the ones for the nokia 3410 and shit.
    How you open da iphone 4
    DavidsQueenTut * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    My auntie cnt watch the game on her iphone and my uncle said all I can do is call I can't even play a fucking game AND YOU MAD!!! Boy LMFAO
    "@SuperSave_ANo: I love my mommy even tho she's aggy <3 ." you love get because she brought you that damn iPhone !
    Apparently my thumbs have gotten bigger cause I'm having problems typing on my iPhone today. =|
    Oh I joined the iPhone movement btw
    You know what ? I was dying for the iPhone and now I don't find any interesting app to download :-l
    Klout says my top 3 influential topics are family, Helvetica, and iPhone. The important things in life.
    I Just Want An IPhone :(
    Damn iPhone restarted gotta jailbreak n download all my cydia apps over ??
    That's love!! Stupid iPhone fuck!!
    bout to switch to t-mobile & get a fuckin iPhone 4 like wtf .
    Looking for a good movie review app for iphone. anyone??? am truly disappointed at what i'm finding. how hard could it be to create?
    I have arthritis pains from using my iPhone too long ):
    A little piece of me died today. My sister finally got an iPhone so now I'm no longer the cool one.
    - the amount of times my headfone's saved my iPhone's life. Steezy :)
    iphone 4s for sale holla no low ballers n if u just gone ask questions n dont buy it dont even bother
    Lauren is a cunt. -_- she got the iphone -_-
    Tryin so hard to keep the iphone dry
    all i want is the iphone period
    T me achando com esses meus tweets via IPhone hehe
    "__mOses: damn i lost my phone smmmmmhhhhhhh" yo not da iPhone!!!
    Having fun with my new iPhone!!!!! Vox me!!!
    don't compare a iPhone to a SideKick! please STFU!
    I hate iPhone new comers...they use emoji for everything...
    My next iPhone gonna be 32g
    I love monkeys and I love this cute video of Nala, a baby Capuchin who seems to be fascinated by a game called Lucky Coins on an iPhone
    What's a fun game on the iPhone ? !!
    MMERCERBROWN * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    going to the Natick Mall to get a new iphone
    DatBoiBell Go get a iPhone then you'll see what I'm talking bout7Lh
    Yeaaaaa! My iPhone is finally repaired and I have it back! Yeaaaaaaa!
    Proud to say i do not own an iphone
    RT ms_whit_22: Shutout to Toya_Fai for gettin her hands on a iPhone ;)DkH6jA
    turned my old Evo on to see what I've been missing compared to my iPhone, conclusion....a bigger, blurrier screen that doesn't compare
    I Be Damned . If I Mess up my IPhone
    I have 3 iPhone chargers & I'm keeping all 3 of them muddafockers .
    Tweetin via iPhone. I kno I'm late but dis shit raw
    .I'm working team. IPhone now
    Who wanna buy an iPhone 4 with a lot of cracks?? iPhone 4 for sale but needs repair!
    My biggest problem right now is deciding if I want a new blackberry or an iphone. I need to stop being such a huge brat.
    Oh great, deleting my Facebook app killed my iPhone.
    Anyone know any good App's for the iphone?
    Gonna fuckin run to the mail tomorrow to get my IPHONE. Yaaaaaa buddie
    I'm so angry at myself for not getting an iPhone 4s. So many questions for Siri. Boo.
    I guess none of my followers got an iPhone huh ?!? Smh
    I was all excited today swore my iPhone was here -_-
    Justin got Ryan a car & Chaz a blue iPhone. I'd be happy if he slapped me in the face.
    What good iPhone apps are they?
    kbcv1 * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    @JCAL_TF5 < fuck yo iPhone
    I do love how my iPhone charges fast but i hate the fact it dies so fast
    Fear by Drake just came on the iPhone. Still a classic
    T-Mobile sent me a text saying that they weren't gonna go with AT&T, no future iPhone for me then. :p
    Yes I'm finally gettin the iphone ^_^ hallelujah !
    Best Apps For IPhone Anyone ?
    devours it all while plugging in his iPhone and proceeds to gasp for air. Most dramatic entrance of all time.
    My iphone is not twipicing properly. WTF.
    came up on a iphone 4S
    I really want an iPhone 4s..
    I want a iphone 4 :)
    iPhone shawty....
    I love my Droid. Fuck the Iphone and their stupid AutoCorrect.
    MY MOM GOT ME A NEW IPHONE 4 FOR MY BDAY!!!!!! Get text+ and add me
    This UNC Tarheel Case for my iPhone is dope AF
    I'm so sick of this stupid phone, if my iphone doesn't hurry up and come I'll cry :/
    Really want the iPhone, no one has a blackberry anymore. no point to bbm.
    iPhone on 15% fuck
    I love my iPhone...greatest invention, other than the "Straw"
    Sonic the hedgehog and Mega Man X on iPhone? Hell yeah!
    If one more person with a iphone pops up in my TL with a tweet full of boxes . . . . Boaa
    You iphone lot n ur fucking temple run kmt pissing me off. I wanna play it
    just placed an order on my iPhone 4 zebra phone case :) now all I have to do is go to the verizon store and buy the iPhone ;)
    The facebook app for iphone shits on any other one. Its even better than the computer version.
    Isabel "who sings this?" me "hot chelle Rae" Isabel "well apparently he lost his iPhone. How irresponsible!" LAWLZ
    My mom basically equates wi-fi to magic.... Wtf is she doing with an iPhone
    Just took an iPhone to the teeth holy fuck IMMA LOOK LIKE MIKE HRANIGGA
    the iphone 5 comes out this summer of 2012 i cant wait to get iphone5
    iPhone's battery is ridiculous.. <<
    I freakin love my iPhone
    I have hella Drake and Tyler on my iPhone. I need some new shiiiit!!
    I hope the iPhone 5 only come out with Sprint & AT&T !
    want an iphone. sick of shitty blackberry!
    Want to get a new iphone? Scratch here â–’â–’â–’â–’â–’â–’â–’â–’â–’ with a sharp object.
    RT"@RetroValentine: The beauty of the iPhone..."
    Seba2k4 but not really. Its whatever though he hated his iphone since the day he got it. He sucks
    plugging in his iPhone and proceeds to gasp for air. Most dramatic entrance of all time.
    Fun games to download on Iphone? :)
    Vivsterdubs * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    connnah * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    "@Lextasc: The iPhone can accomplish any task" I don't think its gotten anyone laid yet
    I think everyone should get an iPhone!
    yall i think ima get a big person phone and get a Iphone
    So glad to have a functioning phone again. Who knew you could trick an iPhone.
    Anyone want an IPhone 4 16GB for $250?
    Word to my iPhone
    When Nasser's dad said Juan's iPhone was the homeless one >
    Going through my iPhone full of girls that I bone bunch of niggas I fuck wit Couple niggas that I do
    Diggin this iPhone!!
    baldiprime time for a iPhone cuz u dont answer ya texts on ya iBunk ! istaytwitterretarded
    Ma screen cracked so im bout to just take all deez hoe ass apps off next up iPhone
    My laptop isn't getting and tlc since I got my iPhone :(
    Oh yall mofo'z think that iPhone shit funny huh... I hope they blow up in yall hand
    alayna_macaluso * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    simsclark has unlocked the achievement "Dark Horse" in Real Racing 2 for iPhone and iPod touch!
    $40 iPhone activation fee can kiss my ass
    After a night with mike, I have decided I will buy an iphone in the new year
    My brother thinks that the arson fires in LA isn't big news because its not front page on Drudge but "iPhone's Siri calls lil girl ugly" is?
    The power of the iPhone >>>>
    I finally find a twitter app I like on the iPhone and then it does notify me of my mentions >_< can I just get a happy medium plzzz
    Reading on my iPhone on this trip down to the A...just wrote a fire ass line so I'm motivated :)))))
    Hi world from my iPhone 4S. I love you iPhone 4S. I might marry you.
    Next Year Im Switching Back To My iPHONE, FUCKANDROID SHIT WACK
    everyones getting an iphone 4 and keeping their blackberry for bbm.. pftttttttttttt my idea a year ago-_-
    All these concert photos & music is taking all the space on my iPhone fml
    Ordering my iphone biiitches :)
    Not having a lock on your iPhone makes it way more convenient but then again can be bad in ALOT more situations than not
    I'm addicted to my iPhone and I'm not afraid to admit it 
    "@KimKardashian: I heard once you go Mac, you never go back! So I'm taking my time setting up this iphone LOL" - so very true x
    Iphone tomorrow, not going to miss my blackberry a single bit ;D
    Gaaaloly twitter elyded 3al iphone mu shay bs ma sema3t el7achy w nazalta gal3ety :)
    What's a good twitter app to download on iPhone 4?
    The only down fall to having a iPhone is the battery life...
    Emoji txt wars are hilarious, everyone should be blessed w/ an iPhone
    Love my iPhone!!!! So happy :)
    I wait by my iphone every night until it hits 00:00 cos then i will get my itunes free app song film or book
    Isabel's the stupidest iPhone user ever. No offense to anyone who does pretty editing on an iPhone, but for her, I don't see the point.
    I'm tryna get this iPhone real quick
    Iphone B*tches :)
    Man, i want an iPhone, screw androids
    My iphone should be here tomorrow2DG9
    Cant believe I've nearly broken my iPhone after only like 5 days:weep:
    Never thought I'd say this..but I love my new iPhone
    Phone battery is going to die, thank you iPhone....
    Bout to snag this iphone in a minute
    Wish i had an iphone :( boohoo
    im around only iphone users. ok.
    New iPhone! I have so much to learn. :)
    White iphone or black ?
    Anybody know when tmobile is gonna get the iphone since every cell provider has it now
    Addicted to ma iPhone xx :D
    iPhone to metro twerkin out the whole thing. Corey2Kold
    A few more months of this BB and then I'm on my Iphone shit. Just waiting for the 5 to come out. -_-
    Loool everyones bitching about iphone autocorrect. Haha.
    IPhone plugged in the wall just waiting for me
    When my phone acts right, I love it. But when it doesn't I'm quick to say I'm getting an iPhone lol
    JforPresident lol im gettin yo twitter mentions, but not nooo txts msgs, clearly yo bootleg iPhone o
    I'm thinking Iphone ??? Bbm is getting tired...
    Get my new present of 12days iPhone app soon
    ima be on my best behavior tonight...this old az iphone has a terrible battery so i may not tweetin all night
    the facebook app is so shit for iPhone.
    Some guy try sell so fake iphone 4s to my cousin, loool!
    Feelin This New Twitter For iPhone .
    They need a middle finger emoji on the iPhone.
    This flash light on the iPhone be coming. In handy at times
    vpolne iHappy with iPhone
    "@SenorPerfecto_: Soo, should i get the iPhone 4s, or the Galaxy S2 !" iPhone 4s
    I love having group text chats with iPhone friends when there's always one friend left out with a droid.
    WhiteKidProblems No iPhone service BlackKidProblems No Boost Mobile service
    Just realized that when I moved from an iPod touch to an iPhone that some of my wifi networks transferred over. Convenient.
    Me n my big mouth. I could be playing on my iPhone. Kmt
    How come they don't make iPhone with color?
    As I lie on my bed using my iPhone, I was wondering what was I doing when I didn't had my iPhone. Oh yes lie on my bed and sleep.
    Got my new iPhone! I've already asked Siri a question. (Weather. Bah.) Trying to get it set up now.
    okay so first fab says he's going through his iphone, now he's saying he's on BBM? ite killa two pho
    Trying iPlayer on the iPhone. Seems to do the job really well. Downgrades the picture quality a bit but that's expected.
    The Txting on IPhone >>> The Txting on android
    I guess I need an IPhone 4 to take the pictures that have like 4 pics in 1...
    I hate how my iphone charger breaks so easilyy 
    My boyfriend just kissed his new iPhone goodnight...
    My iPhone filled with a whole bunch of men <<<<cXR
    My sister dislikes the iPhone. Fml.
    CuzImBatman * Just tried that intelli-Diet app for iPhone. Appeared WORTHLESS
    Iphone 4S been a long time coming baby.
    Got the New iPhone bought it myself unlike some o you spoiled brats. Jk :)
    this iPhone 4S battery <<<<<<<
    On the cool this iPhone is for kids I ain't feelin this shit
    iPhone 4s in white is such a beautiful phone. I want one bored of my blackberry bold...
    iPhone autocorrect makes me look like an illiterate all over twitter. What rubbish!
    Spent over an hour in the bath. Now I'm cold and extremely pruney. That'll teach me for playing games on my iPhone by candlelight.
    Tweetin from my iphone.
    An iphone is too selfish but really sleek and hmmmm.
    I'm selling food stamps, straight off the iPhone!!!
    0 bytes free on the iPhone. Sigh. What to delete??
    Just got a new iPhone can't waith till the morningwTOmty
    "@KimKardashian: I heard once you go Mac, you never go back! So I'm taking my time setting up this iphone LOL"<<<< it's true!
    I guess I have the Apple charm, because I haven't had one issue with my iPhone 4S. All y'all need to
    The battery on the iPhone.<<<<
    Drop what you're doing right now and go take a look at tonight's moon in the iPhone weather app
    I forgot to tell y'all oomf watches porn on her iPhone
    mar_morine somebody about to be team iPhone! You'll soon be able to see this ?????? Ctfum3wW1
    I'm free. Unlocked and jailbroke my iPhone 4
    I want my phone contract to end so I can get an iphone.
    Ever since I got the iPhone my "listening to music" numbers have gone through the roof.
    I really wanna get my iPhone today
    My new iPhone 4S has a great display, but Siri is not working for me. I had all sort of fun questions lined up for her, too.
    WooHoo! Just arrived in Manchester. You know when your in a city because you get 5 bars of 3G on an iPhone.
    tweetcaster looks so much better on the iphone
    Really debating on getting the white iPhone 4S.... This consumer report magazine is really convincing lol
    this 12 year old just came in here with her iphone 4s; i mean i hope she dont loose it or anything...
    I love how the iPhone can type out everything you say. This makes life easier when cussing out people in a text messages.
    Another phone problem? -_____- .I want you iPhone<3
    The first iPhone was actually dreamed up in 1983. Forget that silly old touchscreen, this iPhone was a landline with full, all-white hand
    WhiteKidProblems Wheres my iPhone?!?
    iPhone: Whats your Phone # for iMessage. .Blackberry: Whats your BBM pin, and whats your phone number? JUST GET THEIR NUMBER AND TEXT THEM
    Stupid iPhone! Clearly I meant Brooker.
    No!! Your phone sucks aide it's not a cool iPhone that can see those faces!! "WithGodspeed1: wtf all
    Bought myself an early birthday present. Hooray new phone!! It's NOT AN IPHONE!!!
    How much would everybody hate me if I got an iPhone case entirely covered in pink rhinestones? Why am I considering making this purchase?
    my iphone takes forever to charge ,.
    Why does the iphone battery die so quickly.
    MR_PsiDGAF lol cant see it unless you have an iPhone ...
    my daddy does not trust me with this iPhone at all lol
    Money ? I got that .IPhone? I own that .Imani? I bagged that .Hoes? Hate those .My life ? I love that <3
    How do u get music on an iphone
    Got my iPhone:)
    iphone apps womer ha mues??
    Retweet this if your iPhone battery sucks because I wanna know if it's just mine or what
    Finally got a iPhone 4s:)
    I'm buying an Iphone next month. Done deal.
    Had my first iPhone problem ever
    Thankful I don't have an iphone that goes off everytime I get a facebook or twitter update. Cause' THAT would be so annoying!
    got a iphone but this android do me good...might get both of these hoes on
    who gotta white sprint iPhone that they trynna sell ?
    Currently using tweetdeck for iPhone. Am I very outdated? Is there something more hip I should be using?
    "a buncha btches blow the celly up and I can't even blame em sending naked pics imma frame em on the iPhone while rolling up a instagram"
    robert_perez25 I know, but I like to try a little bit of everything. Keeping the iPhone, just lookin
    Hate iPhone corrections
    "WhiteKidProblems Wheres my iPhone!? BlackKidProblems How do I unlock the iPhone I just stole!?" Leo
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  7. badboyz84

    badboyz84 Registered Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    Hmm any tips on using scraper in tweetattacks. I used it before to scrape the quotes from quote websites but don't know how to use it to scrape from Twitter or comments on YouTube.

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  8. TZ2011

    TZ2011 Senior Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    I didn't use it, just know that option exist. In general, find somebody who is expert in your niche and scrape his tweets, and edit/change/customize them on the way how suits you. Mark option "without links", etc.
  9. ashley777

    ashley777 Junior Member

    Aug 30, 2010
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    try ultimate comment scraper, easy to find this tool
  10. ashley777

    ashley777 Junior Member

    Aug 30, 2010
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    man thanks for this tip for getting ultimate comment scraper.
    this tool rocks :D
  11. seoguy81

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    May 18, 2011
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    Donkey balls
    To get other accounts to tweet your tweets, try borrowedtweets.com You get a few points when signing up and you can use them to set up your tweets. Similarly, you also see tweets for you to post, to get points as well.
  12. Burn Notice

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    United States
    Home Page:
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  13. ashley777

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    this vid is quite cool but he is using scrapebox and tweetattacks.
    i dont have any of those. for twitter i just use tweetadder :)
  14. badboyz84

    badboyz84 Registered Member

    Oct 31, 2011
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    Thanks man video was very helpful i never of thought of using the @reply module for scraping!
  15. TZ2011

    TZ2011 Senior Member

    Jun 26, 2011
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    Reading and implementing excellent TA tutorial from TA creator would help a lot. Half hour of reading can save half month of trying and testing and talking shit about software.
  16. ashley777

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    lol true that - havent seen the "search tweet" function after using it over 1 month... fail
    thanks for pushing me to have a look into the tutorial hehe :D
  17. natorob

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    Jul 7, 2011
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    Denver CO
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    Jut getting started with TA; and this video and the entire thread has been pretty useful.

    It has given me a couple of ideas about a few throw away accounts I have for this....
  18. TZ2011

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    Jun 26, 2011
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    Here is a link of text files, no need to scan
    random popular words and interests, perfect for random filler tweets. It is not edited, you have to do it alone and mix the lines from different text files, I recommend

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