Looking for small ($500-$2k) investment opportunities

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by bryanon, Dec 1, 2009.

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    Oct 16, 2009
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    Hey there,

    If you have a great idea but don't have enough funds to bring it to life then I may want to partner up with you.

    PM me if:
    * your idea needs a small investment - from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
    * the risk factor is relatively small (I'm not getting involved in high risk projects)
    * the investment need is short-term - I'm looking for projects that return the investment in a few months time

    I'm mainly interested (and have expertise) in infoproduct-related projects and those related to the outsourcing and sales of services. Areas that I'm not willing to get involved in are Craigslist posting and projects that involve CPA companies.

    Just so you know - I'm only getting involved in projects that I feel I can use my knowledge, not merely the money. I tend to be a rather active partner and put my best effort into seeing both of us succeeding.

    If interested, hit me a PM and let's discuss.

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    I already have the foundation laid out for this and I can do it myself but I can do it faster and share with you a large profit that won't draw much from the gain I'll have overall.

    I've spent $250 so far and if you'll match me on an additional $250, I'll pay you that amount every month as long as my method works. I won't show you what I'm going to do next, I won't walk you through it, but even though my posting history shows that I don't constantly contibute herea, I value this community very much and I'm willing to offer proof of income, proof of profit, proof of money spent but it won't be specific. You will be paid in full within 60 days and at the 120 days mark I'll pay you $250 per month for this help. The method I have is unstoppable and a snowball effect and I'm so sure of it I can offer that. A no-strings $250 a month payback out of the venture you helped start.? Consider it! I didn't neglect to do the math on this one. This offer is open to an unlimited number of people for the next 2 months, until February 4th.

    If you know in your mind, heart, soul or wherever you base your investments metaphorically that that is an unreal investment to be offered and asks for quite a lot from JV partners, consider this; I'll do it with any other amount of money $15 and over too.

    Chip in $15, invoice me for the money. Send an invoice through paypal's site for 60 days from that date and the same amount of money 120 days from the date you send the money. That's easily double the money that you "invested" and I promise you it's a trade you won't regret. Pay me $15, get double your money at day 120 or before 120 days pass. If you need the money back within a week and it's under $20, I'll send it back within 2 weeks if it isn't coming out of my dayjob paycheck.

    Again, don't act, spend $30 and get $60 within 120 days and then get $30 for the lifetime of my project, with a guarantee based upon your trust that you'll get your money back X2.


    I'll provide first and foremost what I stake this on, my name to you. For contact information I'll give you my location-independent contact information; my phone number, my primary e-mail addresses, my paypal e-mail address and Skype messenger username to any interested party.

    Contact FAQ:

    Human A: "How do I contact you l0cke?"

    Me: "Site Private Message"