Looking for skilled Wordpress Theme creator, to build me an Universal theme.

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    Hello there I am looking for a skilled Wordpress theme creators.

    What I am looking for is a theme that is very responsive and can be viewed by desktops and mobile devices.

    I like U-design and themes like that, how-ever I do not like the fact that they also try to handle the SEO of the wordpress site!

    I want a clean and responsive theme that can be edit in the dashboard of wordpress, Such as Logo, Slider on home page or video, Columns under that or post thumbnails then the footer.

    I only want the theme design to be editable from the dashboard, as many aspects of design as possible, Well keeping the code SEO friendly for the design aspect, must also pass Wc3.

    I also want it to check for plug ins and prompt the user to install plugins.

    Plugin #1: WordPress SEO By Yoast
    Plugin #2: W3 Total Cache
    Plugin #3: Online Backup For WordPress
    Plugin #4: Dagon Design Site Map Generator
    Plugin #5: Disqus Comment System
    Plugin #6: Google XML Sitemaps for Videos
    Plugin #7: JetPack
    Plugin #8: nRelate Related Content (this could be put into the theme itself, prefer it editable under Slider/video on homepage)
    Plugin #9: SEO Friendly Images
    Plugin #10: SEO Smart Links
    Plugin #11: Thank Me Later
    Plugin #12: Ultimate Google Analytics
    Plugin #13: Viper's Video Quicktags
    Plugin #14: WP Greet Box
    Plugin #15: WPVN-Username Changer
    Plugin #16: Defensio
    Plugin #17:
    Cookies for Comments
    Plugin #18: Simple Trackback Validation
    Plugin #19:
    The Events Calendar
    Plugin #20:
    Digg Digg
    Plugin #21:
    Gravity Forms Plugin
    Plugin #22:
    NextGen Gallery
    Plugin #23: Soliloquy

    Plugin #25: Social Toolbar
    Plugin # 26:
    WP Google Fonts
    Plugin #27:
    WPtouch (if possiable would like this in the option in the template to display the mobile version of the site to mobil users, but this would be fine if you cant manage that)
    Plugin #28:
    Plugin #29:
    All in One Favicon
    Plugin #30:

    Think thats the main plugins I use when making sites for clients, what I am looking for a n very nice DESIGN TEMPLATE that checks for these plugins then ask if I wish to install or not based on the template I choosed.

    Hmmm guess what I want is eluding me in typing this up. What I am aiming for is a single template to use when designing any type of site.

    Would matter if its a pizza shop to a lawyer or even a photographer. Maybe even have sub template options inside the main template to choose the type of company your building the site for.

    Pizza shop/delivery shop
    then depending on what sub template I choose it has its own design elements that can be changed, and checks for X amount of plugins from the list I listed, as ogf course all the plug ins wouldnt be needed for each type of site. (Might have a few more plugins that I didnt list)

    Or if this is not possible lets start with a general template that is like U-design and maybe have a section I can check to pick what plugins to check for?

    Basically I want a theme that is dependent on certain plugins based on the type of site I am building. So if I can not make a single theme I am willing to make a few basic themes that can be molded based on type of business I am working on.

    Please qoute me a price for both a master theme (if it's possiable) and a single nich company theme (will need to check for 10-15 plugins or so from the list above)

    To see how to make a theme dependent on plugins please check out
    TGM Plugin Activation
    just google it.

    Thanks for reading and hoping for some more info on if this is even able to be done. Do not see why not on a general niche design, but an master seems maybe not likely?
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    just buy a generic template (portfolio/shop/blog) with all the bells and whistles. Most already are using tgmactivation, so all you have to do is add your plugin zip files and list them as required where ever the theme is calling tgma.. probably functions.php.

    also check out themeroller. probably doesnt have everything you want, but it does something similiar to what you're asking.. downloads wp, downloads plugins, downloads a theme, and bundles it together for you