Looking for SEO/Site creation for Long-term work (Get paid on-going!)

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    Hello, I am currently looking for someone who specializes in SEO to have a simple site created for me with some content related to the niche (Example: A dental site that will target a specific geographical location) and have it rank #1 in Google. The keywords will not have much competition maybe 100,000-200,000 results sometimes less. More importantly I am looking for someone who can do this quickly as I am looking to get started ASAP and need the site ranking first.

    I am open for offers but if you can do this for me I can offer you either a % of business that comes in from your work which will be a monthly subscription or a one time payment which will be up to you. Since I will be doing this with multiple web sites and niches I am looking for someone that will be reliable and effective with the work I provide to them.

    So, pretty much to keep things simple I need someone to throw up a simple WP site with a professional looking theme as well as add some content related to my niche (500 words should do it) which I assume needs to be done anyway for the SEO and have the web site rank #1 or #2 with 1 or 2 keywords with low competition and have it done quickly.

    If you are able to do this please contact me via PM and we can discuss details.