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    Hi, I'm a super-newbie, but was hoping to get some constructive criticism, suggestions, ideas for how to improve my website/blog. It's called...


    It's the writing website and not the board game that you'll find if you search Google. I think it is third on the list. Sorry, I'm new and can't post a link.

    It is a niche site (writing) and all content is original. Not sure how to go about driving more traffic and of course, general comments on the site from experts would be very helpful.

    What I'd like to do is one day get some revenue from adsense and/or amazon (or other affiliate $). Our content is mostly podcast driven, so that might end up hurting us visitor wise as we're on iTunes now (and a few other podcast sites), although we do mention our website address in every episode. We've only been "live" since April, but our unique visitors range from 20-200 on an average day (obviously higher when we have new content and blast it with social networking). Our Google PR is 4, which I think is above average, although I have no idea what that means for SEO. We're like 14+ million on Alexa (super low).

    What do you like/dislike about the site?

    Do you think more written/blog style articles would help? (Since most of what we have is podcasts.)

    What can we do to improve our SEO and/or get more traffic? (Not sure there is a magic bullet here, but figured I'd throw it out there.)

    How can we improve the website overall?

    Any of your thoughts and or comments would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance for reading this and for any help you can offer! :)
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    I would recommend more social media marketing through Pinterest, FB and Twitter to generate more traffic.
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