Looking for reliable and experienced partner in Sofia, Bulgaria

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    We are going to open a VA Sales Center in Sofia, Bulgaria in April. Planned is a capacity of 40-50 full time workers and 20 seats.

    We are from Germany and are looking for a very experienced internet marketer / Sales expert to get involved in our sales center as a operations manager/partner on a revenue share basis or on a fixed salary.

    The main task of the workers will be to sell our own inhouse products in the biz opp vertical and later also creation of niche sites, SEO etc. for in house products.

    We are covering the financial expenses but if you are interested in participating with a financial investment in this JV, this can also be discussed.

    If you are intersted please send us a message with some information about yourself.

    Looking forward hearing from You!
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    You should clear your inbox, i tried to send you a pm back and it said that your inbox its full.