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Aug 8, 2014
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Trying to find a plugin like ZillaLikes or Yet Another Star Rating - that will let me have a big list of items in a tablepress table that visitors can individually "like" or "rate" or some type of interaction. I've looked everywhere and am really confused why I can't find anything.
I think this still only allows for one rating per page/post.
multiple ratings per page..we've just recently added a shortcodes. For the content you can use [ratingwidget post_id=123]. For PHP, use rw_get_post_rating($postID) and rw_the_post_rating($postID).
Thanks for the info - i really appreciate it. Unfortunately that's a little over my head.
I still don't understand though since they closed that thread and didn't explain it any further. It seems crazy that there isn't an easy solution to have unlimited star ratings, likes, or any other of that type of user interaction on a table. I've searched for so long and in so many places and ways.
Yes mate.. NOT allowed to post Reference URLs :)
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I'm not sure what you're trying to say here but I don't have or use Linux - thanks though.
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