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    Jun 14, 2012
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    i have come an opportunity that i think would be really big for me and hopefully bring people here from the forum this is not any scam who ever comes will be compensated and references will be checked.
    i dont know much of all this ppc, seo,youtube, all the good stuff that you guys do here. here is the deal my friend has a website he gets about 25,000 thousand to 30,000 thousand views per day. at this moment he is redesigning the page and we think the views are going to go to 50,000 thousand views, its a news website he post local news international news. his website is really well known international bu he has not been able to make it profit the way it should or at least the way i think it should. he has offered me 70/30 profit me getting 30 % profit if were able to sell ads to regional advertisers or national advertisers. i need REAL EXPERTS that are willing to give me a couple of minutes to discuss the projet and get some of my questions answered and see what can we do to take this page to the next level. if its a good opportunity things of that nature.

    looking to build a team of experts in seo,ppc,youtube, all the stuff that you guys are really good at (preferably people with higher ranking here in the site)
    once people are screened i will let you know the website

    thank you hope to hear from you guys soon

    questions i have:
    is 20 to 30 thousand alot of views to make decent money
    who can we sell ads to?
    how much will a internet maketing campain like this work
    how can we make it go viral