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    Hello there.

    Any of you Freelance?
    Maybe you work on Elance or ODesk and are starting to make some decent money?
    Tired of having to spend your time bidding and worse, starting jobs just to find out they're going nowhere?
    That's where I'm at.

    I'm ready for the next step here so I've decided to start dumping my money into PPC.
    On average I'll get one lead per $10. Kinda need some tweaking there ...
    Anyway, here's the deal. I'll take care of ALL promotional costs. I'll never ask you for a cent.

    I have a WordPress based site utilizing themes (split testing) from ElegantThemes utilizing WooCommerce for products.
    Once a client pays, money is typically released to my account 7-10 days later (WooCommerce + Mijireh + Stripe Payments) and once it hits, you'd get your share via Paypal or any other preferred payment method. This site is my first priority and would also be yours if you decide to work with me.

    Some projects would be handed directly to you to complete and give to the client.
    Others we'd collaborate on. Either way, I'm not charging any less than $50/man hour.

    There'd be a good bit to discuss and I'd need some serious proof of your work.

    I'm basically offering whoever is interested steady work at a rate no lower than $50/hour.
    How would I benefit? I can claim I'm bigger than I really am. That simple. I would want permission to list you on the site as a team member.
    Any services you'd have to offer like logo design or whatnot would be listed to make it appear as though I can offer the full spectrum of computer services.

    Anyone with any skill will be considered. I do not need marketers however. Nothing against any of you but I've tried that in the past and really what I need is to lower my workload. You don't have to be making crazy money but I need proof of what you can say you do. For each person the case will be typically be the same except for programmers. Mostly your past work will do. For programmers, I'll probably need you to code something up for me just so I know you didn't simple copy some code from a search engine.

    This is to be a partnership. Your word will matter as much as mine. I'm looking for people not to work for me but with me instead.
    The time frame would be indefinite/as long as you'd like. No contract. No obligations.

    As for me ... I started at age 14. I watched this movie "Masterminds" which had a little "hacking" (ha) in it which got me interested in the same.
    I started off writing viruses and backdoors. Yep. From there I progressed to learning languages thoroughly. Intel Assember first. Then Perl. Then C ... Now I regularly use ASM,Perl,PHP,C,C++,C#,Javascript/jQuery and can also get by sufficiently in Python and Java as well as some others. I have a strong security background which I intend to focus on more after the company starts to pull in more cash. There's nothing I cannot code. It's 13 years later now and I'm ready to take this knowledge and turn it into some serious cash.

    This will all be a very slow start.
    I'm not asking anyone to dedicate 100% of their time right off the bat. I'm not even doing so. We all have to make a living while this gets going.
    I can only afford to dump so much money into PPC right now but the more I make, the more I'll be spending and eventually there will be a point where I can guarantee work 24/7 if one were to want it.

    Anyone interested PM me and I'll send you my Skype so we can discuss it further.


    - Richard
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