Looking for Profitable Products to sell on Ebay

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    Just like the title says. I am looking for profitable products or someone that has a profitable niche to sell on ebay. I am interested in dropshipping. My ebay right now is limited but I never had a problem paying anyone for their products. I am looking for products that doesn't violate eBay's rules and regulations but profitable enough to make it worth the work and sell. I have dealt with electronic parts and though i may sell some. Its not enough to pay bills and you know what I mean. If your a person who is a dropshipper and are looking for someone to sell your products via ebay.

    Please PM me.

    I am not looking for criticism, I am just offering to sell some drop ship items over ebay. I see that on BHW people verbally attack others for the most stupid and irrelevant things on here. To me its petty and makes no sense.
  2. Tyrion Lannister

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    Aug 18, 2013
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    I have some old plant pots in my shed if you are interested?
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    Test out the markets yourself. If you find a product you have sells, then buy more into it. Wholesale is better option... Here is why, new ebay accounts require 3 weeks to clear payments. So, you are going to pay for the items upfront anyways, why not wholesale and make more money. You can test the market by supplying the certain product you can get a hold of and mark it at the price and if someone buys it, maybe take a bit of a loss and buy the product for a little more or drop ship those. But, ultimately you will be more successful and have better feedback in the long run. Faster shipping as well, no process time.
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    you can pm me i have some products that may interest you