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    Hey all

    I have an Internet Marketing and Content Creation business and I would like to start adding a design section to my site just to generate some more income and notoriety in my industry.

    I work with three people/businesses on BHW now that already were offering pre-existing services that I now sell on my site. A simple and small mark up is created and I sell your services. We both make money!

    If any of you have any services or businesses that you have advertised on BHW for design options such as:

    Logo Design
    Ecommerce Websites
    Wordpress Templates - and other blog templates
    Niche Specific Websites
    Custom Landing Pages
    Affiliate Marketing Sales Pages
    SEO Website Design

    We would like to work with you. You must have a thread on BHW with fairly good reviews and ratings - it also helps if you have some samples available. We are looking for low to medium cost solutions - especially since we will be adding on a mark up for the cost involved.

    If interested, please PM me so I may formerly introduce myself and my company.

    Thank you,
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    Aug 14, 2011
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    Hi amazonian76
    I can give you all the services under one roof and at a lower cost than others
    Have got a huge team for the same and am from India
    LEt me know of how we can discuss more on your requirements via skype or email or BHW
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    Aug 23, 2007
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    I think it might be better to go with English natives when it comes to content writing or doing sales copies. Just talking from experience