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    I've been searching around lately and haven't been able to come across any free, simple scripts that will let me put a photo up on my site and then have a simple rating system where the user can rate it say 1-10 on a "hotness" scale...

    I know this should be a simple script but most I have found I would need to buy and I don't need it to be that fancy, just looking for something that will let you pick from 1-10 or 1-5 stars and it will remember how many people have voted and what the average score for each photo would be...

    I have searched and found a website called Votxo that does basically what I need, but don't really feel like making hundreds of separate ones for each picture I have on my website.... if anyone could point me in the right direction or has a script like this laying around, I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks ,much.
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    I am thinking that you are not using wordpress? If you there is a "photo contest" plugin that would work for what you describe.
    Otherwise the only way that I am aware is to use a php script with sql.

    There is one called "Destiney Rated Images Script" that is free.
    I am not affiliated with it, just one I did find that may work for you.

    Have a great evening... :)
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