Looking for people with e-mail lists + ability to send 'em.

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    Feb 18, 2014
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    IDEA:I have a method that I believe will convert incredibly well,depending on the type of traffic you bring me.

    LikeI stated above, the method I have is solid. I just need e-mail lists.I know I could get lists myself via scrapebox, etc. etc. But I don'thave the time for that- and I know a lot of you already have lists.Your lists could be obtained by whitehat, greyhat or even blackhatmethods, I don't care. As long as you can send 'em out.

    PAYMENT:Will be discussed via Skype.

    Theamount of payment will depend on the amount of traffic driven, butwill always be negotiable. Percentages work too.


    Soto be clear, we will be working together. We will work on connectingand communicating with each other until there is 100% trust on bothsides, and then we can begin. We could even run some tests beforesending out the majority of the e-mails, to see how well it convertsand whether or not you'd like to work with me.

    Theniches of the persons you're sending to will dramatically effectoutcomes, but I am potentially accepting every niche. I amresponsible for the entirety of the monetization and will evenprovide custom hand written e-mail outlines and templates. All yagotta do is copy/paste/send. I own a website and the idea is unique.'Nuff said brothers.

    If you're interested, I believe this willbe easy money for the both of us. PM me with your SKYPE and I willadd you. If you don't have 15 posts, obviously just post up in thisthread. I don't judge anyone by their post count/join date and I'dhope vice versa.

    Any questions you have, I'll beanswering on SKYPE.