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    Hi guys, I will be diving into another ecommerce venture, and i have decided to use magento as my cms and will be selling replica product to start, as they are relatively cheaper to buy and stock compare other ones

    having searched online, i have yet to find a payment processing company that suits my need, as

    1) high merchant rate, like 10% per transcation
    2) long turnout time, as i like the payment company to wire transfer the fund to my business bank account every week or every weeks, but definitely not every 4 weeks, i lost tons of money b4 because of long payment cycle
    3) companies that do meet the above two criteria are not willingly to accept my site as some do not like products such as replica, porn, drug, etc

    i am posting here to find out if anyone has already dealt with or know some good payment company that suit my need, please recommand :)

    also, if you like to help me start this venture, you can post or pm, just let me know what you like to get involved with, pay, condition etc and there's definitely room for talk
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    have you found a good gateway?