Looking for Password Manager recommendations?

Mar 17, 2018
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Hi, till now I have been keeping all my passwords in notepad and manually copying it where it is needed to sign in. It's kinda difficult and even more difficult in mobile. So, I was looking at Dashlane and LastPass and sometimes ago I heard that LastPass database was hacked so upon googling, I found some articles that it was true.

So I kept on searching and people nowadays recommending open source pass manager like KeePass to be completely safe.

What are you using yourselves and what do you recommend?

Thanks in advance!
I've been using Keepass for several years. Always been very pleased. I especially like that it 's a local app and it doesn't keep anything in the cloud, if you don't want to.

There's several extensions you can use like fav-icons and auto-fill passwords.

If you're comfortable with keeping your (encrypted) database in dropbox or another cloudservice, you can sync your database across your various devices, but that is entirely up to you.

2 factor authentication is also possible, with a separate file on a removable medium or a time generated access-code (à la Google-Auth) is also a possibilty.

Takes a bit more time to set upp, but once it's up you're good to go.

Any more questions, just shoot.
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