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    Since english is not my native language, I am asking you to please be my beta-testers for the website and while you are there, register and grab a spot as well as a copy of my free sample ebook chapter so you can get acquainted with my writing style and if you feel like it, give me your criticism on everything: the website, the registration process, salees page, language, grammar, the bonus offers, etc.

    I am going to distribute the whole package thru clickbank, so if you are an affiliate there send me a PM and I will gladly let you have a copy of my website and webapp such that you can change the affiliate link and profit from this at 50% commision off the final sale price. (or if you think you can make a better sales page, let me know!)

    Additionally, if you send me a PM with really good criticism or feedback and you want to help me spread the word out, I would let you know days in advance before the launch so that you can profit before anyone else does. The following are the tentative dates and my strategy:

    July 16 & 17 - website beta test by BHW fellows
    July 18 - July 28 prelaunch registration phase of ebook to general public July 29 product pre-sale launch for those of you who have a list of possible buyers and want to grab them (I could maybe consider offering a special lower price if they buy from you instead of me for this one day only or something like that)
    July 30 official public launch of the product to all my pre-registered users

    Can you help me out and give me your honest feedback on everything? If you have a way to reach a good amount of people (please not by spamming) and want to partner with me and participate in the pre-salee, send me a PM and lets work out some ideas ok? I want you to help me launch this (I can give free samples to those that show serious proposals) and make a good profit too.

    The info in question is at tcsmethod.com, feel free to analyze everything and let me know. Thanks!!
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