Looking for partners for high quality link building service (custom software)

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    EDIT: THIS IS LONG! I'm working on a link buying system that buys links based on actual ranking rather than PR or any other garbage metrics. I'm developing software so I can do it a lot and very fast.

    Pretty soon I'm going to be looking for clients for my own link building service. I know a lot of you guys on here do consulting so this may be something you can include in your services with whatever markup you decide. You never pay a thing until the client pays you. I just ask that if we are going to do business you provide leads that produce conversions since I'm investing my time into this too.

    This is going to be highly effective link buying that will work for competitive keywords. There's no secret, but I'm developing software to manage multiple projects and all data an information involved. This doesn't involve buying "high pr" links or links from brokers. The link appraisal algorithms are proprietary but based on rock solid SEO practices. The database for this is complex but it's air tight at this point and ready to be developed into a front end.

    The Process:

    1. You bring me a lead. It can be an established site or one that you're developing for your client. If you want to do keyword research first, even better but I'm going to do some anyway.

    2. I do keyword research with the help of my software. Keywords for the project are prioritized.

    3. Software collects serps from G and stores them along with the keyword data. Each URL is assigned a calculated value based on the position and the popularity of the keyword.

    4. Contact information is scraped for each URL using several different methods. Other data about the site is also collected for valuation (Alexa, is this a blog, forum, etc).

    5. I go through a report listing each serp as a potential backlink. If there is an opportunity to purchase a link on the page that's ranking, the webmaster will be contacted asking if a text link sale is doable and for how much. A record of the contact is saved for future followup.

    - Extra - There will be a separate field where I can enter any other linking opportunity the entry offers. Is it a site that publishes guest posts? White papers? Reciprocal links? Other link baiting?

    6. Each day, e-mail must be checked in order to negotiate potential link deals. Prices are logged for factoring into the cost effectiveness algorithm.

    7. After a suitable amount of time has passed, a report will be generated listing the potential links in order of calculated cost effectiveness. This report will be worked into a proposal for the client. Some information will be hidden of course, but an explanation of the advantages of each individual link will be explained. Prices may be included based on a user defined markup.

    8. Client decides if they want to buy.

    Now you can use this in your own consulting business and put a markup, or create a lead generation campaign from scratch. Promote and brand it however you want. What I anticipate happening is for me to handle the business for a while, tweak the software to the point of perfection, then hire and train someone to use it. I may also consider letting you use the system remotely and have you or your staff use it for a cut of the profit. It all depends on how things go and what kind of scaling seems appropriate.

    One added bonus is that if the client doesn't buy, we can shop the proposal around to their competitors. Trust me I'm not one to let any data go to waste.

    If any of this doesn't make sense fire away with the questions.
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