Looking for new client generators for my call center

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    Mar 27, 2013
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    Basically I have a new business manager who's not performing and quite simply I am looking to replace them with someone more useful. We are looking for someone to bring us new clients, this can be done by email marketing campaigns or anything else they think will work. This has the potential to be a regular money spinner if the clients stay or a regular supply of short contracts can be sought. I want to make this financially rewarding as possible to "you" because I have all the tools here to make a large business but this is the Achilles heel we are facing. Depending on the contract will depend on the margin e.g. a 10 seat project that my current manager brought in is netting them $200 a week and as long as the client stays they will get $200 a week. Adding to that their job is getting the leads so as long as the client keeps renewing they will continue to get paid.

    If interested drop me a pm.