Looking for mobile site developer in india.

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    Hello BHW,

    I've been in the planning stages of my mobile marketing services for a few months. I'm looking for someone who can make mobile sites like this http://www.cnizam.co.uk/nizam/ this is a resume but you get the idea. The clients that i will target are local clients: Restaurants, Franchises, Events, Salons & Spas, Hotels & Travel Agencies, Agents & Brokers, Real Estate Developers, Professional Services Charities & Fundraisers. of local business websites 82% are not optimized for mobile phones. I have all the content for nice site to drive traffic to, i just dont have the coding skills.
    Methods of promotion:

    I have a lot of linken connections to people in NYC, they have already told me they are interested.

    I have a lot of programs (Places scout for one) to scrape google local pages,yelp ect for business that have a website, and are activity promotion on facebook and other social media but arent optimized for mobile (lowest hanging fruit).

    I will be doing email blasts as well as creating a free mobile website to an extremely popular taxi company that isnt optimized for mobile, the idea is to put "Power Buy (company)" in the footer to attract more people.

    Plus rich people like to talk about the free stuff they get. The taxi company has already decided to refer me to many other clients in "chamber of commerce" meetings of which I will be attending.

    Scraping yelp and craigslist that have mobile numbers and are owner of business.

    I will be doing mailers as well and cold calling when I have the time.

    What I need from my partner -

    To create me a desktop and mobile website with the u-design theme or some other top quality website. The website needs to be extremely high quality. I already have the content and videos to use, i just need the formatting as i dont know anything about coding yet.

    Extrememly cost effective. Im planning on selling the mobile web sites for around $250 and $20 a month. You cut is negotiable.

    As i said i have all the content, text, videos, pictures to add to the site.

    My skype name is red.snowdown or just PM/ Reply here if youre interested. Thanks.

    P.S. I will not be processing orders on the site, its only to show an internet presence
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