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Looking For MAC and Chrome Extension installs in US UK

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by Vladimir Ilya, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Vladimir Ilya

    Vladimir Ilya Newbie

    May 29, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    I will not take your time, This are what am Looking For:

    1, MACKeeper install traffic - No bundle (500 to 1000 daily )
    2, Window Chrome Extension installs in US UK (1000 to 4000 daily )

    I am looking for real human installs please, only direct publisher who can show me where he is running my offers, I do not care, how he his doing it, but i want to be sure.

    I will not say much, as they know what am talking about - They will claim that, they are sending you good traffic, meanwhile all are BOT, VPN, CLOUD HOSTED BOT - most used ISP: ATLANTIC.NET

    I have fraudscore watching all installs - before i pay, i check with fraudscore. NO BOT ALLOW OR VPN OR ATLANTIC.NET ISP


    If you have real human install - Good ISP, no fake traffic

    I know most of you may check and see low details or low posting, sorry to say, i do not visit here always, since i registered because i was looking for apk then.

    To create Trust among each other:
    I do not need you to send me this daily cap before i pay you. I will pay you for every 10 to 50 quality installs, if you like stop sending me traffic after you have 10 installs and wait me to pay, Good, i have no problem with it. I will pay same day, immediately or 1 hour delay and you continue,

    I make this rule because no one trust anyone online again and also i do not know, you maybe using money to run this my offer

    So its good, if i pay you few time, so you have money to run the offer, then we can be brother .


    I do not prepay, i said, even if its 5, 10 to 50 quality installs you give me now, Paused the traffic, i will pay immediately or an hour late then you continue ruining the offer back

    Payment method:
    Paypal, immediately - I can pay for even 5 installs instantly (Sometimes, i maybe busy but not less than an hour or immediately)

    webmoney i can not for 5 to 50 installs because i use to order this

    Fake installs stay away please, i have fraudscore 24metric integrated. Before i pay, i check your report on fraudscore 24metric, because the link is tracked, You can bypass the link but never the report or me. because i will also show you the report of your work even if its 2 installs immediately.

    Send me your SKY.PE

    (Sorry Admin, if anything look bad here, please tell me, i will edit the post and remove it. Thanks)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017