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    I run a city guide type of site. We currently are in two cities but can build up to 20 in the next few months. Per city we push about 20 pieces of unique content per day with good on page SEO. We currently have about 2000 indexed pages but this will increased dramatically to 5,000+ pages of 100% unique content added per month. All this content however is super long tailed keyword driven meaning that we get nearly no search engine traffic from the posts (maybe 0 to 3 unique visitors per article per day).

    As a result, we're building out 100 landing pages per city focusing on keywords like "Things to Do on Monday Night in San Francisco" which could drive 60 to 200 uniques per day. With Google, we've found that we need location focused backlinks to rank well. That means that the backlink should include some tendency towards a city.

    Therefore, I'm looking for backlins or advice to provide 100% whitehat backlinks for these landing pages:

    5 to 10 city specific backlinks
    5 to 10 non-city specific high quality backlinks
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    Do a seach on "city name" blogs and post comments on them..also the local news channels have blogs AND you can even create your own blog on there site. Build one on each news site and post your articles there as well.....perfectly city specific!
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    look at today's white board friday from SEOMOZ - it's on this exact topic and totally white hat