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    I have a great product and it has been suffering for multiple reasons - however - we just got a way to generate a great amount of leads, I mean great.

    I want to test Inbound (I have run this product with 2 call centers and they are not forceful enough).

    This calls will come in hard so we will have a "make shift" IVR (if you don't know what that is, do not apply).

    All you need is to have a phone, our script and get ready to sell.

    We have multiple price points. The easier sale will net you $10 the hardest $25 but I can tell you what you'll sell more of.

    Reply with a PM, your inbound experience (a reference would be nice) when you can start, and a phone number

    We are doing outbound already and want to discuss our pretty white hat black hat red hat grey hat method with you.

    Product can't be copied without 5 digits and some nice contracts, so we do have a legit product.

    1. You will have calls coming in
    2. You will have a virtual CRM
    3. Calls will be responding from our BH IVR
    4. Calls will be niche related
    5. Expansion potential is HUGE
    6. Your balls for the job must be bigger

    We have competitor selling the product at $100+ (WE ARE LESS...MUCH LESS) We know it works.
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    I would say outsource. Seriously, you can get people CHEAP! :)