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    First off, sorry if this isnt where this should be posted, wasnt sure where to request this.

    I've developed a plan thanks to a few other posts on this forums that i would like to initiate, but I don't have the knowledge to do so. With that said im looking for a bit of help from someone with some expereince in what im doing, in return I'll give you a % of the profits until we both agree my debt has been repaid.

    I have working experience of affiliate block/article marketing, but my recent plans are completely left field of that and requires me to have my own site.

    I dodnt want to go into full details over my entire plan, but if your interested shoot me a PM and I'll respond with contact info if you can help, and we can chat 1 on 1 in a bit more detail over what im doing.

    Basically, I need someone with the following knowledge:

    1. building and maintaining a website (I should be able to do this on my own, but I will probably have a couple questions as I havent actually made a website in about 4 years and im sure im outdated in some areas)

    2. intigrating a checkout feature for people to purcahse products. I'm interested in the paypal checkout, some form of CC checkout would be great as well. Also I'm not fully sure how this works but it would be great if at the end of the day it creates a type of spreadsheet with all products sold and addresses for each item to be sent to, instead of me having to manually dig through each one.

    3. a decent knowledge of warehouses or websites that will dropship items for me. keynotes are they cannot have a website or pricetag of what or where i got the item from on the product or shipping box ofc. this is not manditory but it could help me, i know of alot of places but very few that meet my needs (pm me for details as mentioned) and CJ has not allowed me to sign up (i cant get to the page, dont know why.)

    4. Optional: Working knowledge of customizing adsense. I've used adsense but never at a very high level, i know nothing of configuring it to be perfect for your site. I dont know if I'm going to impliment adsense at once or after things have gotten rolling, so its not manditory as i can do it at a later time if needbe.

    with that said, I will be doing all the grunt work unless something is completely impossible for me to do on my own, I'm just looking for someone that can give me tips and recommendations, and first n foremost help me figure ou thow to get a checkout feature on my site once i get it up and running.

    if anyones interested in helping me out let me know, I'll be very generous in giving you % of my profit for your help, ofc the more help you offer the more ill pay <3