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    I've got an ecommerce site selling adult toys that I'm looking to possibly sell. The site has a ton of potential and has made me good money in the past, but my Internet Marketing company is growing quickly and having a sex toy site under my ownership is becoming somewhat of a liability. I'm looking to get the highest reasonable price for it, and would gladly share that profit if any of you can help me sell it. PM me for the site, and any more details than i'm providing here, but i'd like to know from any of you what range you think I could get for it. Here are the details:

    PR 3
    Backlinks(Site Explorer): 26,471
    Monthly Organic Traffic: 13,584
    Monthly Unique Visitors: 36,745

    Ranks Top Ten for:
    adult toys
    sex stores
    vibrating toys
    adult toy store
    penis sleeves
    adult shopping
    adult toy stores
    anal toys
    adult shop
    sex toy stores
    adult shopping
    and many many more.

    Also comes with a blog with that has 150+ unique posts, many of which are evergreen traffic drivers. The blog gets 1,000+ unique views per day. Additionally, some of the blog posts are actually custom made infographics that you could easily promote for lots of easy links.

    The site also comes with a unique dropship relationship with our current adult toy distributor. Because we've been with them long term, we get 25% below wholesale, meaning 25% less than what you would be able to get otherwise. The site is turnkey, and all items are dropshipped through the distributor. All you need to do to manage it is place the orders 10-20min each day. Toys can be priced competitively and still be at priced at nearly double what you would pay for them wholesale.

    Currently the site does between 2-4k in revenue each month, with considerable room for improvement (its done as much as 10-12k). About 6 months ago we did a redesign and moved it from oscommerce to magento. During this time, we significantly reduced the number of toys we offered, in an effort to offer only "high quality" toys. This resulted in a drop in organic traffic as we eliminated a good amount of the long tail. I'd likely recommend adding a lot more toys to the site as a very easy way to pick up more organic traffic and additional revenue, it just depends on the branding/selling proposition you want the site to have. The distributor has a HUGE selection, you could easily have 5,000+ toys on the site if you desired.

    For the products on the site, unique descriptions have been custom written for each. This is EXTREMELY important, as most adult toy sites (especially turn key ones) all use the descriptions provided by the manufacturers, leading to massive duplicate content issues, and poor rankings for the majority of those sites. If you plan on extending the toys offered, i'd suggest you definitely get custom descriptions written.

    Additionally, we've never tried to monetize the blog, but it could likely bring in some decent consistent revenue as well.

    Like I said, i'm looking for interested buyers, or anyone who thinks they could help me sell it, I would be more than willing to give a good % of the sale price for anyone who can make it happen at the right price.
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    I'd be interested in more info.
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    yeah I responded to the other thread too. I am interested
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    I'm interested PM your email or your site so we can talk.