Looking for help on AdSense (willing to pay $50)

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    Hello BHW community, so I had an old AdSense account with $463.17 of current balance but I could not withdraw money from it because the country where it was made (Venezuela) is very complicated... I wanted to change the country of it to United States but that could not be possible, I had to fill a request form to change country and got an email from Google telling me I should make a new account in United States and they will transfer all my unpaid earnings, now that's all done and I can't withdraw money from my new account because I need to make $10 (as someone sugested in AdSense forum, i've been waiting 2 months for payment, so that should be true), right now I can't do that and I need to make it ASAP, so that's why I ask for help here, if someone has a website earning $1 or $2 daily that would like to use my code in their website and earn even more that would be great...

    - Earnings will be updated to you everyday to let you know when you should delete the code from your site.

    - You will be paid $10 right before you put the code in your website to let you know this is something serious and not a scam, then after I get payment from Google I will give you the rest.

    And of course if someone is earning about $100 daily and doesn't mind about $10 bucks and helping me for free that would be awesome!

    More info in PM or Skype: sefon18
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    2 adsense account needs to be reported .