Looking for help - I have a tough challenge!

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    Aug 1, 2012
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    I run a web design company. In Manchester. I have an issue. I rank very well for 'web design studio manchester' but virtually none existent for the more competitive and highly searched web design manchester. I was on page 7, I am not even on there any more.

    I have one tool that I think might help me. But I am uncertain on how to use it the most effectively and that is the domain name manchester-web-designer.com and manchester-design.com I'd like to get these two working toward getting me up there.

    I don't really do any link building. But I'd like to hear from anyone that can help me get up there. How much it's going to cost and I know this is a long shot if anyone could guarantee to get me on page 1.

    Here's hoping :)