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Looking for general advice about developing my website

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Lordzola, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Lordzola

    Lordzola Newbie

    Jun 28, 2017
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    I want to start by introducing my 'journey'. I run a NSFW celebrity website.

    I started off with Blogspot for wrestling pictures and attempted to monetise it through those annoying 'wait 5 seconds for a picture link'. That went terribly. I chose the method because Blogspot did not allow adult advertising.

    I found a new website, known as Nibblebit. Nibblebit is a free adult blog platform (mostly gay, but it doesn't affect what you post). The site was much better, but I found the mandatory pop-ups they include to be annoying. I'm a big believer in less pop-ups results in more viewers and more money. After creating three different blogs and making some small change (really small compared to the rest of the users), I decided enough was enough and I wanted more control.

    I'd never done a website before, and I tried the services of 1-1 and.... something else I forgot. Joomla was way behind my ability, and their Wordpress services were essentially the free ones with big limitations. I cancelled them both within a day.

    I was a bit disillusioned at this point. I found a free webhosting service called 000webhost. They allow you 1GB storage, 2 websites, and the ability to use your own domains. I snagged some free domains from FreeNom, and saw an uptick in my sites. They continued to grow but the servers were terrible. Whenever I found a 'gem', getting around 20 users at once resulted in the server going down. Even worse, I used Cloudflare too, so I occasionally got double down-time.

    Finally, I reached the point that I wanted a real website. I bought my first host, and navigated through all the technological problems at first to get it online. I'm making extremely small amounts of money, but I'm learning, and as long as I continue to improve a couple of dollars per day is fine by me (feel free to laugh). I also made the decision to partner up with a similar website today, and saw a 50% increase in my visitors recently.

    So what was the point of this long story?

    Well, I'm looking to improve. I want my site to grow, and I'm open to spending money on it. I have terrible SEO that I am improving daily (only started using keywords today). I've shared social links, and Reddit in particular consist of the majority of my referral links. I bought a logo/watermark, and I have someone working on spreading video uploads. I have an extremely small A-B-C network I plan on making using the aforementioned websites that are still running.

    I'm not an expert on being a webmaster. I started this simply because I like porn, and dislike pop-ups, misleading titles and clickbait. I also like money. So now, good people of BHW, I turn to you for advice. Feel free to offer services you think are beneficial, I am looking for an action plan of soughts, but everything is extremely low budget until I begin to turn more revenue from ads. Equally, if you think I'm missing some steps or have some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you hatters,


    In fact, I wanted to ask a few specific questions too.

    With regards to my A-B-C plan, and remembering the small nature of my website, is it worth utilising free blogs and terrible services in order to boost my SEO? Other suggestions are welcome, but as mentioned earlier, I'm not making serious money.

    What would your next step be?