Looking for Facebook/Youtube/Twitter Familiar Freelancer

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    Here is the deal:

    I need someone familiar with Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter

    - Ad friends to profile page
    - Ad friends to group
    - Ad friends to fan page
    - Give me any pointers (I already did a ton of work but if you catch any thing, let me know)
    - I already have my target and the way to access them, however, not the skill nor time
    - I already have the account as a PVA
    - All group and fan pages are made
    - I may need more group/fan pages connected later

    - Ad friends to channel
    - Ad friends to 2 groups
    - I already have everything built

    - Ad Friends
    - Already built

    Entire Project:
    - Link to Facebook and Twitter and YouTube (already pretty much done)

    Pretty much, I just need to bulk these up and want to see if you can catch anything I didn't. Its an EASY job, just don't get my accounts banned! PM me price. I will NOT BE ON CHAT! so DO NOT try and ad me or IM me.

    I WILL BE ON CHAT if you PM me first with your name and what chat you use, as well as a price. I know my thing will go viral, so lets get it there :)