Looking for Facebook E-Mail Harvester! (GREAT PAYMENT!)


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Nov 8, 2009
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I am looking for someone with software like automatic friend adder and who can extract the email adresses of the users. If you could do it (and assumed that you have the time :) ) we could offer a full time job with this.

If youre interested or able - just PM me.

i have software but for friend adding but for email extracting i have to do it manually with workers ? are u comfortable with outsource ? i mean per hour or day payment ? then pls pm me with ur msn , gtal , any im details ! thanks !
Anyone intersted in this job? Need someone who can delivers K's of adresses daily - german users. Anyone with automation software ?
anyone with automation software? still looking
Hello my friend, I just finnish to developed this software... Its now in testing phase.

The software can bring you around 2k's facebook email verified daily on Germany, how much are you willing to pay for?


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