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Looking for Exceptional C++ Coder

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by no1youknowz, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. no1youknowz

    no1youknowz Newbie

    Feb 21, 2012
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    I'm looking for an exceptional C++ coder. I am a developer, I mainly concentrate on code like golang, python, php, javascript. Unfortunately due to my workload I am unable to take on C++.

    This is where you come in.

    I have many lucrative projects. I am looking for an instagram, tinder, snapchat and other such bots.

    I will supply the social accounts, I will supply the manpower to manage the process, I will supply the advertiser accounts (I don't deal with ad networks), I will supply the landing pages and offers (white labels) for these bots.

    Pretty much I supply and control everything. I've been in the CPA land full-time for over 2 years.

    Here is the deal, you are pretty good. You are valuable. You know how to make stuff that actually works and can be integrated into other languages.

    We'll discuss the project, timescales and the cost. I run the bot and it generates conversions. You take 50% each 14 days until you get paid and walk away. OR, you'll be on-hand for pivoting projects and keep taking 50% residual.

    That's the deal. I already paid a stupid sum to a developer who bailed on me. Even when he had access to the system and saw the conversions coming in!

    One thing tho. You must be in the US. I won't deal with anyone off-shore.

    Think you fit the bill? Add me on skype, its my username here. Let me know your experience building bots to get to the top of the list!