Looking for Established eBayers, Bloggers and Membership Sales Experts

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    When I'm not on here trying to Black/Grey Hat my own sites, I've got a day job with a fairly big online company. We just launched a new site and as part of our pre-PR blitz we want to start a little bit of chatter about it. We will be running an affiliate program via CJ once that blitz is all lined up (likely a month or a little bit more away). But for the time being, I've been tasked with getting a bit of a guerilla affiliate program going.

    The product we're looking for people to sell is a one year membership to a club that has the absolute lowest prices on secondary market event tickets (secondary market - i.e. - StubHub) and is the first site in the industry to not charge any service fees. We have the retail price currently set at $50. Over the next month, our 'guerilla affiliates' are going to be privy to some pretty crazy margins. What we're looking for are three types of people....if you fall into one of these please shoot me a PM as soon as possible...we want to get these bad boys out the door.

    1. Established eBayers Based Out of the USA - feedback at least in the mid 90%-point with 100+ transactions. For these listings, set the starting price at a minimum of $1.....whatever the auction closes at, on your first sale we'll give you 75%. You just provide us with the URL once any of the auctions you plan on listing goes up...send us the 25% and we'll e-mail you the voucher code your buyer can use to redeem their one-year membership. The more sales you make...the less of a percentage we'll take. PM me a link to your eBay profile or store if you fall into this category [or if you have a dormant account you're looking to sell with the word 'ticket' in it that has feedback close to 100% and more than 200 transactions, give me a quote on what you'd want for it]

    2. Bloggers - Sell these things off of your blog however you want to. Depending on the PR and age of your blog, we'll negotiate pricing with. High enough PR blogs will get a free voucher from the get-go if they promise to write a review of us. PM me a link to the site(s) that you would be selling them from and we can go from there.

    3. Membership Sales Experts - Sell these however you want to. We will determine your cost based on the methods you plan to use and then, as with the others, will lower our take the more sales you're able to bring in. (in your PM you don't have be specific, just give me an idea of the avenues you'll be using)

    Admins/Mods - If you're curious or just want to make sure this offer is legitimate, reply in the thread and PM me your e-mail address....I'll provide the first 2 to do so free year memberships. I wish I had the authority to give more away but alas I just have 2 freebies which I'm allowed to give to non-affiliates. I ask that you post in the thread so it is clear as to who the first two were.

    Thanks for taking the time read this over those that you that have...i hope to be hearing from some of you very soon.

    - ice