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    I`ve coocked up a new,free, easy and extremely powerfull backlink strategy.

    It`s an old concept, modified to suit current SEO rules and avoid being flagged as spam by google.

    for now i`m looking for up to 10 serious Dutch marketeers who are willing to join in a team and work together building a powerfull asset thats benificial to all. but nearly impossible to create by yourself.

    for now i`m just looking for dutch people. or people who can write in dutch.

    to clarify: this is a new project, hasn`t started yet. but it`s guaranteed to work wonders when we are able to join together and combine forces.
    Creating an instant ranking machine for our personal use.

    i`ll give more info and explain it in detail in pm.

    just dutch speaking people for now, preferably also active in the dutch market .. it's ok if you're new to IM and need a boost to get going or are stuck and just cant get ahead, but i`m not here to hold anyones hand or explain basic stuff over and over.

    just review my previous post. you`ll see i know what i`m talking about and do have more then enough IM experience to stand by my claims.
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