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    Ok, so I have an ebay account with a paypal on with I have managed to get some good feedback thanks to dealextreme. I have shipped truckloads of shit from Hong Kong into the USA and UK now, from dealextreme alone. There have been days when I have placed over 100 orders on DX, so yes, I guess I have got the hang of dropshipping in the past few months, thanks to BHW.

    I want to expand now, but unfortunately I don't have the time to initiate communication with dropshippers so I would like to invite proposals and catalogs for me to choose from. I am looking for people from HK or China, USA, UK and Australia, who can drop ship products in the below categories by Registered Airmail to USA, UK and a few other European countries and Australia, and perhaps South Africa. I am NOT looking for wholesalers as I don't have a warehouse here, I'm looking purely for dropshippers. Also, NO REPLICAS PLEASE. I believe in selling a Chinese watch as a Chinese watch than an Omega Replica

    The Categories I am interested in are:

    Women's Acessories, shoes, handbags and what not
    Mens Accessories, watches, shoes, shirts, sun glasses etc.

    Computer Parts

    Pet Accessories, combs, brushes, food trays, automatic feeders, aquarium stuff.

    Electronics, dvd players, bluray players ipods, cameras, camcorders and everything

    Phones and phone accessories, blue tooth headset, chargers, batteries etc.

    Handheld fitness equipment like blood sugar testers, heart beat monitors.

    Curtains, bed linen, towels etc

    Condoms (Chinese, the best of all?!), pregnancy test kits, lubes etc

    Electricals, voltage converters, travel adapters, car adapters, drills, kettles, volt meters, multimeters, power factor correctors etc.

    I do have a lot more in mind, send me anything and everything that sells. I don't work alone, I have a team of people here to manage sales, so just bring it on.

    Software and Games

    Payment by Paypal only, no WU or any other insecure mode of payment.

    I intend to offer free shipping for all my products, so I can afford only to pay for Registered Airmail out of pockets. I need quotes of shipping prices by weight too.

    Please mail me with all info

    Would like to remind again, No Replicas, No Fakes, No pirated software or movies.