Looking for designer/editor to do edits on my Joomla site (plugins etc..)

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    Mar 16, 2016
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    This should be easy enough. I feel that a skilled programer/coder might be able to whip up what I am looking for in about 20 minutes or so...

    Really, even an intermediate or beginner (that is enthusiastic and trustworthy) would be fine. This isn't high end stuff we are dealing with here.

    I don't feel like disclosing full details, but if your interested in working with me let it be known, pm me... etc.. once again this is for a joomla based website.

    I don't have a ton of money but am willing to be negotiable. I will almost certainly have multiple projects coming up. Ideally I would be working with someone on an ongoing basis, a small project here or there.

    I will say, that I do have experiance programming in C,Java etc... but it has been years. This really could be as simple as adding 5-10 lines of code. Ideally there would also be integration with the administrative or backend of the site too.

    If your interested in picking up a job/client like this let me know. Post here and shoot me a pm about yourself, your rates, the kind of work you can do etc... there is no need to be overly formal or anything.

    If it seems like a match we will be in touch via email and ideally a phone/skype call. Have a legitimate business relationship.