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    Jun 29, 2016
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    Hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I used to rely on Paypal for my merchant services until I got sick of their chargeback bullshit and started looking for something else. Sadly I was stuck with Paypal a few more months than I wanted because I kept being rejected by merchants like SimplePay and Bank Merchants despite countless promises of being easily accepted and then being given very vague reasons for why I wasn't. One never even gave me a letter why despite confirming with me over the phone that they would. So after all that shit, I finally found out about GreenByPhone and signed up with them after a bit of research. I've had about 3 good years with GreenByPhone where they have processed a lot of checks for me from clients. In fact, I like their check processing system a lot better than the credit card processing merchants I've deal with because it feels more professional to my clients and helps me more in closing deals with them all because they feel safer that way rather than depending on their credit card. They especially like how I can send them an invoice and they can enter in all their bank info without me ever seeing a glimpse of it. So basically I enjoyed a much more fruitful and profitable experience with GreenByPhone these past few years. Sadly though as with anything else in life - All good things come to an end. GreenByPhone is now charging some kind of excessive and overpriced bullshit compliance fee on me and all their customers through some stupid third party and as a result it's taking too much of a chunk out of my profits. So is there any particular merchant like GreenByPhone but without the stupid compliance bs fees that anyone can suggest? Of course I'm also opened to hearing about other merchants that aren't like GreenByPhone but potentially better. I'm sure there are really good merchants out there that people here could suggest to me. Merchants that I likely will not find on my own without suffering loses or learning the hard way with bad ones like I did before in the past. Any bit of advice would help. Thanks and I hope you all have a good Friday! :)