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    Hello Everyone, I apologize if this is in the wrong section or I'm not allowed to post this here (I can delete it).

    I'm looking for current Amazon Affiliates to promote select products from our stores. We will provide an additional 10% commission for each sale and will provide a unique 10% off promo code for each affiliate (so we can track on our end). The promo code will help you guys provide incentive to people and build your lists, or at least give something unique to offer. If you already have websites, or sources in the niche, it could just mean a quick link swap or two to bank some extra commissions.

    The products will be in the following niches: Pet (dog and cat) , Health & Beauty , and Adult.

    Please PM if interested. I will not be launching this for another week or two, just building a list of people to work with for now. Thanks in advance, and apologies if there is something wrong with my post.

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