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    I've been on an idea roll for the last couple of days, so heres another one. Im a computer repair tech in dallas. I repair peoples computers, remove viruses, build and sell computers and parts, and so on. Anyways I want to network with other computer techs around the country and even over seas. My ultimate goal is to be like a huge franchise. I want to build a website where people can find the tech nearest them, and connect to each techs personal website. Being a franchise would help everyone because for one, we could build a reputation as a whole and people would trust doing business with us, also we could order huge quantities of parts at cheaper prices and split them among the whole franchise evenly. I dont know, it may sound stupid to some but i think theres potential there, so if theres any other computer techs here that think this idea is worth working with, hit me up :D
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    Isn't that called the Geek Squad or Best Buy? I'm a PC tech too and it sounds like a good idea but this would be a major undertaking, lots of investment of money and time and finding people you can trust.

    But competing with GS and BB is pretty major. I'm sure you could offer cheaper prices and faster turnaround, which I do but it's the process of setting up the whole thing. Personally too much of a headache for me.

    If you're serious about this then I hope you get it off the ground and make lots of money.
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