looking for co-op ,i have some resourse

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    as you can see ,i am new here ,actuary i just know that we can make money online .after reading so much thread in forum ,i think i get nothing ,so i want to do something.
    here is my idea
    in my country ,the copyright is not a big problem ,i can get many resouse such as [SIZE=-1]Avatar、2012 etc,but i dont know how to tranlate it to money,i am looking for some one who can teach me and co-op with me .
    another idea,this is about adult,i can get many many adult video easy ,but in my country ,adult site are illict,i dont want to make money with high risk ,but if there are some of you need this resouse ,i can get it for you ,so we both benefit .
    hope some one can teach or co-op with me .
    this is the my first thread inBHW.