looking for beta testers with traffic for new viral wp plugin

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    please admin, If I break TOS please tell me what to fix, move or buy; previous account was freezed thus no confirmation received from Dave on why! thank you

    now on topic....
    as title say Im looking for beta testers to provide case study of plugin`s functionality

    postimage org/image/5wbwalhe9/

    • in terms of increased traffic from social sites and serp moves (any insight avaliable) (analytics report from start to end of use should be disclosed)-time period 2-3 weeks
    • suggestions to improve the plugin from both visitor and admins perspective
    • report bugs
    • suggest the price that would be suitable for WSO and clickbank
    • fill our survey (maybe)

    main benefits of plugin are strong NLP call to action elements that will increase click through rates on your posts and increase social exposure:

    • split testing of introduction text (can compare 2 different versions and track conversions)
    • having more options to click on
    • seeing the content you get after you ll share (blurred)

    who qualifys for the beta:

    • can handle wordpress
    • have more than 500 daily visits
    • your site provide value to your readers
    • can put some premium/valuable content for readers in blurred area
    • will give me link to the website where plugin will be used
    • are approving testimonial to be on sales letter/WSO (with link to your site)
    +doesnt work on latest wordpress 3.3. as it has problem with tinymce and javascript (the wp itself)

    7 places avaliable for betas, post here if interested

    contributing beta testers receive plugin lifetime updates for free; thank you