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Discussion in 'Pay Per Install' started by abhijit123, Mar 15, 2016.

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  1. abhijit123

    abhijit123 Newbie

    Mar 14, 2016
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    I want to install my software it's a freeware. Can anyone suggest me how can I do it.
  2. joojalka

    joojalka Newbie

    Apr 27, 2015
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    Try avangard.media, they just got some fundings, so eagerly accepting new partners.
  3. matrixzer01

    matrixzer01 Registered Member

    Oct 2, 2008
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    LOL the company has disappeared. The domain looks like it is for sale or out of use. Anyone else knows the best PPI network/company. Please state so. Here is a list I saw in forums.digitalpoint.com

    1. InstallMonetizer
    Software Developers and Application owners: make money with EVERY software install. Guaranteed Payout, Quality Programs, no Spyware/Adware and Highest Commission. Easy to setup code. Start generating revenue in 15 minutes.

    2. EarnPerInstall
    EARN PER INSTALL is a Pay Per Install Affiliate Network. Earn up to $2 by installing a file with advanced tracking analytics.

    3. Solimba
    If you are a software developer then Solimba provides you with the opportunity to let users download your applications during the installation process of other apps.

    4. PerInstallCash
    PerInstallCash is designed to convert your traffic into real cash. Give a savvy instrument a try: the users don?t pay for installs, but you still get rewarded!

    5. OpenCandy
    OpenCandy is the pioneer of high-quality, dynamic app installer ads and is trusted by hundreds of software developers and advertisers worldwide. With over six years as the leader in quality and transparency, OpenCandy offers the platform and tools you need to increase monetization and distribution of your software.

    6. Somoto
    Sit back and let our cutting edge technology do the work for you! Recommend dozens of Tier-1 advertisers to grow your distribution and boost your revenues.

    7. PayPerInstall
    Earn up to $1.50 per install. Pay Per Install can earn Software Developers and Affiliate Marketers money bundling software with freeware or share software products.

    8. BetterInstaller
    Shorten your installer download time and increase user satisfaction. Instead of using a slow download connection, our services will enable your users to quickly download your new installer from multiple servers nearby!

    9. GuppuGo
    Guppy Media is the premium online and mobile performance and affiliate network for software advertisers and publishers.

    10. RevenYou
    RevenYou is a leading Pay Per Install Network that helps developers and publishers monetize their software using a cutting edge smart installer. Our monetized software installer generates high payouts in more than 200 countries which will help you maximize your profit and ROI from your software and traffic.

    11. InstallCore
    Established in 2010, installCore? has quickly become the leading application installation platform for premium publishers. With a talented team of engineers as its greatest asset, installCore specializes in optimized software distribution via customized software installation platforms and installation analytics. The installCore software installer significantly improves success rates of software installations, outperforming other available solutions in the market.


    To look at current reviews for each one at http://www.affpaying.com/

    You are welcome.
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