Looking For Authentic Genuine Product Suppliers

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    I am starting my business on ebay. I have a business paypal and just opened an ebay account. I am looking for good products that will sell. But I keep coming acros dropshippers that have fake or replica items. I don't know how to list those without getting in any trouble lol. If there is a way please tell me. But the main reason I made this thread is because im looking for authentic apparel, shoes, handbags, makeup, dvd;s, games, and electronics that will sell. I want drop shippers mainly because they offer to ship by the peice. I know wholesale is better and i will most def start doing stocking when i make enough money but i would like to start small you know. Oh and anyone who wants to work with me are welcome. But please let me know of quality suppliers or suppliers please answer this thread. I believe i speak for more people then just me when I say we need authentics and genuines. Thank you