Looking for an expeirienced webmaster for full a-z project

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    I am looking to start another company, and am looking for a savey fresh idea's webmaster/developer to create a site from scratch.

    I would like to loosely duplicate an existing site - such as vista print for another product - wall plaques, awards, where the site visitor can create their own design, shape, color size and text (based on what I have available).

    The customer, would be able to purchase on the spot on line with shipping info and credit card information. The goal is to create this site with as little customer service needs as possible.

    I look at it like a WYSIWYG for awards.

    Honestly I don't know where to start the bidding at, but I will be accepting and reviewing work from anyone that is interested.

    The qualified candidate/company will need to provide references, and work already done for other clients. The project while a one time deal for now, will surely need updates with new products as we grow the business and we will need a go to person for changes edits and problems.

    If you have the ability and the need to take on this project, send me some samples of your work, and I will be in touch if we like what we see for further discussion. Please also provide a ball park estimate of this project based on the vision I have.

    Thank you for your time, and thank you BHW for making this our go to place on line.