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    trying to make money online
    In my head mostly. Not a nice place.
    I am specifically looking for people with good services they are selling.
    I am in a position where I have products to sell, mostly through amazon, but not the ability to properly promote them, or build backlinks.

    I am selling an e-book on online marketing. It will be available soon in kindle format, and hopefully soon as a paperback. I also have 3 albums out on Amazon mp3, and several more I am working on getting up.

    Yes, I do know what to do to market a site, I just lack the temperament to do it properly. As the saying goes, those that can do, those that can't, teach.

    The idea is that you help me promote my book/music, be it as an affiliate or helping me out with your service. I will add links to your service/offers to my site. As I grow I will send more traffic your way. Since I would be linking to the service descriptions on here, the black hat forum would also benefit if everything goes to plan.

    A "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" situation.

    It's really pretty simple. If you help me out with one application of your service and nothing comes of it, you haven't lost much. If you help me out with an application of your service and I send you at least 2 customers, then you have doubled your money.

    Ideally I would like to work with only around 2-5 people.
    One that can do a good link wheel, preferably 2-3 tiers.
    And one or more others that can handle blackhat backlinking to send links to the linkwheel after it's done.

    If you think I'm nuts or something there is no need to get bitchy with me. I am in a tight financial spot right now, and this is a way I saw to perhaps work with some of the great service providers on here in a way that is potentially beneficial to everyone involved.

    It's just an idea.

    PM me if you are interested.

    Thanks a lot for at least hearing me out if nothing else, and have an interesting day.

    Update: Sweeten the pot as it were.

    I am not the type of person to toot my own horn, in fact I am manic depressive with severe self confidence issues. However, since I am trying to get some of you to work with me, it occurs to me that hyping myself up a bit might be a good idea.

    I have 11 albums of home produced music out already, plus two more I am finishing up. It's not great stuff, but it's not terrible either if you like electronica and experimental stuff. I go by Acidhedz if you want to look me up.
    I have dozens of t-shirt designs available on printfection, I wish they had an affiliate program I could offer for you to use, but they don't.
    I have a bunch of stories I am working on, plus a full length novel.
    I have a bunch of online game ideas I am working on.
    That is why I'm doing online marketing, to get enough money to start up a multi-media publishing company. I have got so much stuff in my head I need a way to get it out.
    Plus the online marketing book that is already in the process of being put up on Amazon.

    Point being that I am offering you a lifetime ad spot on my home site at the very least. My hub for all my work.
    I don't have a problem with having things to sell, I have a problem with finding my audience.

    What I am saying is that I can create things all day long. I can't do tedious work. I get bored, then irritable, then have to stop before I break something. Like, I said I am manic-depressive so I can't control my mood swings, I can only ride them.

    If I can find my audience I can be a giant. But I need my break. I need you to help me make that happen. I NEED people that can take care of the tedious crap for me.

    I'm not just talking about links here. When the time comes I would hire you for my PR and promotion team if you were interested.

    I don't know about you but I am sick of playing online marketing penny ante BS. I want to break into the big leagues and you don't do that with affiliate marketing. Wouldn't you like to take the ride with me?

    I don't know how good I am, but I am certainly crazy enough. I have so much to offer but I don't know how to get people to pay attention.

    "Buy the ticket, Take the ride."
    Hunter S Thompson
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    Pm me more info