looking for affiliate program with the following criteria


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Jul 23, 2010
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Hi im looking for an affilate programs that have the following criterias if you know of any please list them here.

1. Must allow me to join the program and not want to call me on the phone
2. must allow me to get paid per signup i bring them not per sale programs
3. pay me via paypal or other online payment companies.

thanks in advance
why don't you google "free money"

lool that was a nice help, and dont be mean caz i see that allmost all Threads you started use "I need" in title So ... maybe is best to help.

try cpa lead.. they let you in really quick if you contact them over some messenger . Dont know about the free sign ups ..

Also offervoult has some nice pps.
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With all CPA companies have the chance for a phone call. Don't kid yourself, lots of companies on "no calls" lists call affiliates randomly.

Cost-per-sale companies (thousands of them) don't call unless they want to send you bonus. :D
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