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Looking for Advice on Methods for Changing IP's Using Proxies for Ebay

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by PCGhost, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. PCGhost

    PCGhost Newbie

    Aug 10, 2014
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    Hi Everyone,
    I am looking for the best option for changing IP's for use on Ebay/Paypal. Here's a quick description of my goal:

    My current IP was blocked by ebay, so I need to set up new accounts that won't be linked to my old accounts, and I intend on creating quite a few new accounts. I am using various Stealth techniques to set up the new accounts, and I would like to address the IP portion in this post.

    I sell items that are pretty lucrative, but tend to get kicked off ebay after a while. Because of this, I need to keep creating new ebay/paypal accounts. The first step for each new account for me will be to set up a new IP for the account. Since the accounts may get blocked by ebay after a while, I'll need to dump that IP, or whole proxy - not sure, and replace with a new one to start a new account again. I intend to have multiple accounts up and running at the same time so I am never totally down. That's the plan.

    Proxies look like a good choice given that I use private "virgin" proxies. The thing with Ebay/Paypal that I am concerned about is getting a recycled proxy, even if getting private ones, that have been banned/abused on ebay/paypal already. That would shut my new account right down before it even started.

    I am thinking about doing the following:

    1) Set up multiple proxies, 10 or more. I prefer that all not come from the same city.. a few different cities would be fine and they should all be virgin. My understanding is that each proxy has it's own IP, but that it is also possible to buy multiple IP's for a proxy? Not sure how that works but I don't want too many IP's concentrated in one city.

    2) If I get banned on one IP, then I need to trash it and replace with a new IP. So, I would look for a service that would allow me to either trade in a proxy for a new one or maybe just get a new IP for that proxy? Not quite sure, will using the same proxy with a different IP still link me to a blocked account because it used the same proxy? Would it just be easier to just get a whole new proxy when that happens?

    I looked at some sellers on the board and because I am new I can not PM them yet, so after I get enough posts I'll ask if they can provide virgin proxies or if they only offer recycled. So, any suggestions on sellers from the board that may be able to provide this is appreciated as well.
  2. bbleo

    bbleo Junior Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    i don't think you will get any answer on this forum :p
    google for ebay proxies
  3. Bot Solutions

    Bot Solutions Regular Member

    Aug 19, 2014
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    Bot maker
    Buy anonym private proxies, delete cookies and you are good to go.
    You may use bots to automate the process.
  4. extremeboy

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    Jul 8, 2010
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