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    Season greetings!

    Now here's the thing. I want to film some action in an office to create videos for sale. Sort of videos of people doing their thing without knowledge that someone is watching. It's all legal and before releasing the vids I'll get the parties to sign release forms.

    Now I am a complete newbie when it comes to cameras setups. So is there anyone who knows cameras well. I am thinking of small cameras, and good sensitive mikes that can be fitted discreetly and capture the sounds and pictures in watchable quality. Not HD/movie quality or anything superfine ... but just watchable like most Youtube videos.

    The action will occur in two room. Each of the two rooms is abt 9 square meters (3m x 3m) or 100 sq. ft. (10ft x 10ft); and 3m (10ft) high.

    I will need the setup to allow control and monitoring via computer in a different 3rd room, where the controller will be invisible to the participants.

    What is the best cameras (or complete camera setup, if available) I can buy for a budget of $1,000 to $2,000.

    And where can I buy it?

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    Some SLR's can be flashed with a different operating system to allow more functions such as video capture.
    I definitely recommend setting up multiple camera's so you can capture everything from multiple angles, the more footage you have the less likely you would have to re-record everything. In each room I'd setup at least 3 camera's so you can later flash between different angles in production.

    You can apply affects later too to make it seem like it was from a spycam and not a professional camera. If you want better audio you would have to use microphones with wireless a wireless transmitter.
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