Looking for a Xrumer user, you will get something sweet.

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    Here is the deal.

    For my incoming project, I will be needing xrumer profiles on a daily basis.
    So I figured, why don't I code a sweet simple bot, that will help me and help you.
    It's a serious bio generator. It will produce unique readable bio that makes sense in huge nested spintax. This means that every one of those profiles will have a solid unique bio.

    I hope you can appreciate how much more efficient those profiles would be if each one is backed by unique content that looks legit.
    Now while I can't share this generator, I can offer you this.

    I would give you 2 huge .txt files of unique spinned profile bios in exchange for each blast you do for me.
    One for my own submission and the other for you to use as you see fit.

    If your service turns out to be really reliable, I will provide you with as much of those profile bios as you need.

    I'm really pushing the uniqueness part, I'm trying to get AT LEAST 100k uses from each .txt file. It's uses massive databases of words so the combinations are endless.
    FYI, since I don't own Xrummer, I don't know how well it handles large nested spintax text. If you know it can't handle that, please let me know so I can adjust the output accordingly. (I know Senuke doesn't handle nested spintax really well)

    In exchange, you would need to provide me with up to 20k verified profiles from different domains per blast.
    (most of the time it would be 5k - 10k but sometimes more).

    So the requirements:

    • minimal 100 posts
    • minimal 1 year old account
    • minimal 30 rep & 20 thanks

    The service you can provide needs to be:

    • Avaliable for MIN 2 months
    • Relatively fast (1-3 days turnaround time)
    • Reliable (I will be needing blasts continuously)
    • Able to provide a report with 5k - 20k verified profile links using a bio I will provide.

    I think these requirements are a must since I'm looking for a serious JV and you basically get free unlimited content for your profile campaigns.

    Replay here or send me a PM including any inquiries.