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    Hey i created like a year ago a unique WSO but never published it since i had not the time.The WSO is ready which include an ebook (written by a professinal not me) and a tool people wont find anyware.The method is really unique and wasnt shared anywhere.The ebook describes how to get massiv traffic for a whole year using a one time fee of $500 and how to convert the traffic.There are 2 methods to convert it one whitehat the other better one blackhat since its against the tos to send traffic to a website with adsense on it.
    I got everything paid even the warriorplus but am looking for a WSO PRO who has a list of affiliates and will accept that the ebook will be sold using my paypal (as i always keep control over the payments).
    Ebook start price will be $99 raising $5 after each sale (100 copies in total) There wont be any upsell.

    Serious jv partners will be able to read the ebook + check the tool before promoting it under their nick.
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