Looking for a Twitter service like this one please

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by PervBox, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Jan 17, 2015
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    Hey all,

    Up until the weekend, I was using an online twitter queueing and posting service (which I'm probably not allowed to name) at $10 per month to queue up to 100 tweets per account for up to around 5 twitter accounts.
    I only have two twitter accounts at the moment as it's just an ongoing test at the minute. And I say I was using a queuing service up until the weekend because I managed to get myself kicked off for failing to notice that porn wasn't welcomed. I checked or thought I'd what I thought were their Ts and Cs some months back but obviously it wasn't and when I contacted them about an unrelated issue I was having, they thanked me kindly for contacting them followed by a ban - which I can't argue with obviously. It was a genuine mistake but terms are terms. I actually thought it amusing the way it all unfolded.

    So I need something that does the same sort of thing for around the same sort of price if anyone knows of anywhere / anything that allows porn?
    I'd prefer a monthly subscription service like I was using if possible. I'm still developing my ideas / methods so I'd like to keep the outlay, commitements and risks to a minimum while testing.

    Thanks :)
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    Try some of these. I haven't checked if they accept porn: