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    Your job will be to transcribe audio lectures from spoken English into written English, in .txt form. We are talking a lot of words here, upwards of 10k per lecture. The lectures will be around two hours long. You are not expected to know all of the words and you're allowed to phonically sound out whatever you don't understand, which may be a lot. A sample of a transcribed audio lecture can be provided to indicate how I've transcribed them. The main lecturer will have an accent, he is Mexican in origin but it is tolerable. The other is American and speaks very clear English.

    I am not looking to pay a huge amount. I peeked around here and seen rates like 0.008 cents per word, well that would put half a lecture at around 52 dollars which is not acceptable to me. I can get these lectures done in three of four hours. Therefore I am looking to pay around 50 dollars for every completed lecture. You will be paid essentially a little more than I get paid per hour, and I make above minimum wage in Canada, so this could be very good for someone in India or some other country. As long as you can produce a decent quality and have the tenacity to get it done, then this could work out well for you.

    Hopefully I have made my expectations clear. Post here and let me know if you are interested. Feel free to ask questions. Please tell me a little about yourself, particularly in regards to how you feel you can handle a project like this.
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    I can do it .. add me on skype : sunny_bora_wt